Entry: Meaningless post Thursday, April 29, 2004

The month of April is coming to an end. I am sitting in front of my computer and looking at the screen. No, I think I am looking at the computer throught the translucent dust. There is a small patch of something on my screen which doesnt go away, even after washing with the famous COLIN( I think thats how they spell it?). After 7 or 8 months of blogging, I am bored. I dont feel like writing anymore. I am better off reading other blogs.
Few months back, I was on a yet another round of blog-hopping. On a particular blog, whose colour was Green and dark green and probably from Mumbai or Delhi. If memory doesnt fail me, I think it was Elaichi Chai's blog. There was a Bravenet poll.
" You like to read blogs which tell about.."
The options I can recall right now are
1. Day-to-Day life
2. Random thoughts
3. Political Articles
4. Jokes.

I wasn't amused by the highest number of votes or clicks going to "Day-to-day Life". I wont decline from the fact that I dont like reading day-to-days happenings in other people's life as I try to relate myself to those posts. I search solutions for my problems in those posts, if those bloggers found any. But in vain. I never found a satisfactory solution. I know that I should solve my problems by myself.

"Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end"

Just looking at my surroundings, A watch lying around which needs a battery change and I am thinking of changing it from last december. A tower of cd's. Yes, a tower of cd's Must be about 250-300 cds, the mobile phone staring at the ceiling. The book 'tower' stands taller than the CD tower.(CC: Lord of twin tower's). I can see the seconds hand of the Swatch watch,kept on the study table, ticking. While Bryan Adams shouts along with the chorus, :
" The only thing I want,
The only thing I need,
The only thing I chose,
The only thing looks good on me ...is YOU"
while the house maid keeps blabbering about her routine in her ever digusting voice and tone and cursing "Chotto Bhai"(younger brother , thats me) playing the music loud. Hey not my fault. Curse the 6000W system which my bro bought when he was here.
Now the kid molester MJ shouts"  Blood on the dance floor!, Blood is on the knife"(Thank god MJ is sitting miles from me, and I will be a proud Adult this July. Hoping to have a bash this 18th birthday.( As far as I can recall, I had a proper birthday party few years back...no..many years back). Since then it has been a quiet affair. Just four of us. But last year my brother wasnt here, so we were three.

Time has changed. I have changed. Dad and mom changed. My brother changed. My address changed. My number changed. Nothing is constant. Only change is constant. Life isnt constant. We have to face different circumstances in life and deal with them.

"Don't stand in someone else's shadow when it's your sunlight that should lead the way."

Ok I think I am talking too much of crap nowadays. As Sonica said its a bore to read me *draws an illegal AK-47 from the cupboard and polishes the gun*
In case you are thinking I am feeling low or something minutely related to that term, sorry to disappoint you but you are wrong.

CC's meaning of some height's of activties:

Height of Laziness:
Feeling cold as the AC is on. But not bothering to switch the AC off even the switch is a hand's stretch away. Instead takes the blanket, and shiver in the cold, waiting for some divine power(Dad or mom) to get up at 3am and help this stupid soul.

Height of Stupidity:
Dialing a wrong number absent mindedly and arguing with the receiver at the other end, over the authencity of the number I dialled.
Calling at X's place, and asking for Y, though X took the call.(Where X & Y are my friends)
Doing 1*1=2 and not 1.
Taking a bath with specs on and not realising until the vision is "soapy"(culdnt find an apt term ) and celebrating with joy as there is no eye irritation even though the foam is "inside" my eyes and thanking god for superhuman capabilities.
Reading last week's newspaper and predicting whats written in an article..predictions become true. Thanking god again for Superhuman capabilities without realising that newspaper is old:|

PS: IF you find me on anyother blog or on this blog abusing or talking shit to someone, dont think that I have a twin brother. Its me only, as my intentions are cruel now;)


May 2, 2004   06:25 PM PDT
its ok re , no justification required. pata hain ki u dint read the post..its ok with me:P
May 2, 2004   03:34 PM PDT
HAW!!!..I didnt skip thro' ur post...just didnt have nething to comment :P
May 1, 2004   05:01 PM PDT
hey why did ya repeat the comment above there?
May 1, 2004   11:41 AM PDT
where is my AK-47 gonna kill u right away CC .......yeah u bore us but wht if we have got such used to getting bored .......and sir the only blog i read regularly is urs.....hey come down now ...... u must be happy that u bring smiles to so many people ...people who havent even met u ..people u might never meet
May 1, 2004   09:43 AM PDT
Hey rebecca thanks for teh comment:D, umm well, i donno about you but i think its pretty good and applicable in real life as well:)
May 1, 2004   09:40 AM PDT
May 1, 2004   09:40 AM PDT
umm do i know you TP BLOGGER???.*hug*
May 1, 2004   09:37 AM PDT
Yo Meera thanks for coming by:D;)
May 1, 2004   06:09 AM PDT
"Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end"
ah i do like that quote..tho im not sure if i agree..
anyway..nice to see u back to writing...heh i'm always late..i thot i'd just read u were taking a break from blogging, then i come back again and see 2 new posts..anyhow..ure posts are nice,not boring at all..whens ure bday? hope u have a good 18th one..:) ok, i'm off...
TP Blogger
May 1, 2004   03:52 AM PDT
yo! wassup, kiddo? U r never on chat these days or what? miss u...*hugs*
May 1, 2004   12:43 AM PDT
heyyyyyyyyyyyyy CC.........hugsssssssssssssssssssss baccha :P
May 1, 2004   12:32 AM PDT
Ye tia, we are in the same boat, except that u hate maths, i like maths ..btw who is the captain of the ship in which we are travelling:D
May 1, 2004   12:31 AM PDT
Thanks shadow, atleast this BCC can be of some help to u:), really thanks a lot n best of luck for yer exams:)
May 1, 2004   12:29 AM PDT
LOL @aero, ya i guess so .. gosh i never thought of it. just thinking what does Lord of the 'ring' means?? Thought provoking..what do ya say;)
May 1, 2004   12:28 AM PDT
Superhuman PsychoNeurotic Alpha Mutated Pedigree Paranoidic Cyberhunk....man is that a name???? GOSH!! no no dont keep that name, and i can see that ur winking after u said that this is a good post:D
May 1, 2004   12:27 AM PDT
Hehehe dankee mona:D, hope i can celebrate my 18th bday in the very best i can:), lets see:D, ye the cds do belong to my bro, but i can say they are mine since he is not around:D
May 1, 2004   12:25 AM PDT
Hey mehak will try my best:)
May 1, 2004   12:20 AM PDT
hi CC....i hope u r gonna post regurarly ?
May 1, 2004   12:19 AM PDT
NAhi rachs, stop the flow, otherwise main usme dub jaunga:D
May 1, 2004   12:18 AM PDT
Ah Richa, atleast someone agreed that I do write crap:D
May 1, 2004   12:18 AM PDT
Ah man what a techie comment@english August:), thanks
May 1, 2004   12:00 AM PDT
ah by the way its a nice post @vaish. But the other way its a crap post. chee chee vaish..dint expect this from ya:P
April 30, 2004   11:57 PM PDT
hmm@bonkers. Why have a feeling that u skipped the post??hmm i guess im wrong:D
April 30, 2004   11:56 PM PDT
Chal mamu khee khee khee ka CD toh pahuchya nahi aur upar se bolta hain CD Chahiye ...phut!!@tan
April 30, 2004   11:56 PM PDT
Ya mamu lets revive aito, and i picked up some punjabi words as well n will catch some bloggers as well ...and as far as CD's are concerned... Megha can provide better information 2 u regarding those.
April 30, 2004   11:52 PM PDT
Heheh mubeen ur welcome leaving long comments, if u wish u can write ur posts here as well, wont mind.
Ya i too sleep like a log, strange but i tend to sleep more if its hot..duh duh duh!!!
ok im not that bad at maths afterall, absent minded , thats the lamest excuse i can give rite now:D
April 30, 2004   11:48 PM PDT
Hey adz , u guy or girl?? whatever...hehehe ya im damn lazy;) n thanks for the wishes and for coming by as well:D
April 30, 2004   11:44 PM PDT
Hey thanks Megha.
Perhaps "Pyaar mein andhi ho gayee hoon" would have been a more apt reason for ur mistake. as it is that you are dumb..so its ok:P
April 30, 2004   11:42 PM PDT
Hope ur exams are going on smooth. My entrance..just going on:)@Krishna
April 30, 2004   11:38 PM PDT
Thanks smita, I guess you like to read crap:p ..just joking. Still thanks a lot n enjoy the 'long' weekend:D
April 30, 2004   11:37 PM PDT

Hey anjali thanks for coming by. Well regarding Megha's blog, it was her blog n her decision to close down the blog, and I think that we should respect her decision as I think it wasnt a easy job for her to close down the blog all of a sudden. N I had no idea that she was going to delete the blog:)
April 30, 2004   11:35 PM PDT
Man i believe in piracy like anything. So rest u can figure it out by urself reg. 300 cds n swatch aint mine. Bro gave it me:P
April 30, 2004   11:34 PM PDT
Hey man, hmm voting, I wont vote, and as far as abusing ppl is concerned...hmm lemme think over it:P
April 30, 2004   09:36 PM PDT
aha... heights of laziness and stupidity eh, so we sail in the same boat ... yippie
April 30, 2004   06:18 PM PDT
helllooooooo bachhhooooooo :D nice post. brings a smile to the face on a day wen i'm tired of everythingggg! exams coming thats why. hehe..anyway...c ya BCC...!
April 30, 2004   02:03 PM PDT
lord of the towers...u r bordering on 3rd grade porn here cc ;)
April 30, 2004   12:02 PM PDT
hmm why do u remind me of my self 4 years back :)) .. neway i am more of that after being at this place for four years:))
someone gave me a name i adore:
"Superhuman PsychoNeurotic Alpha Mutated Pedigree Paranoidic Cyberhunk" dunno about others i liked this post brother ;-) keep up the good work :P
April 30, 2004   11:01 AM PDT
hey megha.. wht happened to ur link?? where r ur posts??
April 30, 2004   05:55 AM PDT
Always interesting to read your posting :) People can get bored of something after some times ...
About a lot of CD's hmmm I think most of them belong to your brother right ? :P
I hope everything changed to be better ... and can't wait to see you having your special 18th bday :)
April 30, 2004   01:22 AM PDT
mr. chi chi...kuch productive karo..fone par mat chipke raho! try ur bit re..hard work pays in the end! n all...u want me to keep the gyaan flowing?? done that mez feelin mighty gud :p
April 30, 2004   12:41 AM PDT
umm.....cc....u knw somehting... even if u talk crap... it ends out as something ... sweet n logical.. really..
April 30, 2004   12:19 AM PDT
arre CC bhaiya... your 'meaningless' posts are quite interestin actually, which i suppose is the result of your arbit head which moves in all directions, and then dumps the contents on your blog! :D anyway, what we get in the end is a good read.
April 29, 2004   11:10 PM PDT
um...whr the hell did u get he idea tht u write crap????.....if it werent for the fact tht u r my big bro n tht i must respect u i wud be callin ya dumb:D...YOU DON'T WRITE CRAP!!!!!!!!!.........nice post...by the way:D:D..even i get cursed at my the maid for playing loud music:)
April 29, 2004   10:56 PM PDT
lolllllllllllll@ Tan
April 29, 2004   09:49 PM PDT
April 29, 2004   09:37 PM PDT
What a coincidence every one writing abt CD's. Amar wrote and then you. I want cd's too..
April 29, 2004   09:32 PM PDT
BTW what CD's do u have re? hehe. ( trying to be inquisitive). Those cd's which Megha speaks about? ( trying to pull Megha too)
April 29, 2004   08:59 PM PDT
Oye Chirkut...Let's Revive our AITO once more..wth as someone said..in some blog with MORE spice...!! Let's for some time be one..anyone can join...if they want to..but then..u rem the first time we started talkin in Mamu language...for some reason to-day I am feeling very nostalgic re...!! megha called up..hehe..Dunno..today din ki kuch aisa hai...!! I am also thinking abt quitting one blog..abh STAR hi nahin rahin to chamcha kya karega..!! haha
April 29, 2004   08:54 PM PDT
CC-thanks for ur support on my blog!! its so nice to have u readin my blog :) u always make me smile-thanks-and hey i am not first-
:( anyways ur blog is too good!!!
should say this-urs happens to be my favorite one!!love it-anyway-CC please blog-dont stop-please-
love this post-saw how similar we are-i too dont switch off my A/C-the only way to swtch it off-is the remote-n id put a blanket-curl n sleep like a log!-hey same pinch-im terrible at math!!i thot nobody would be like me-looks like i got company-i told somebody,500+200=800!!
n i wear contact lens-havent removed them for more than 5 days-thank God-i never got an eye infection-if my doc knows this-im gonna get yelled at!never told her all these years!my room is so messy n dusty-will do it tom-n tomorrow never comes!sorry long comment-hope u dont scream n i know ur too sweet to do that-n btw-j/k=just kiddin...n when's ur b'day??
April 29, 2004   08:34 PM PDT
hey...first time here...cool blog and all!! nice to meet somebody as lazy as me!!:) i gather (from the fact that u r turning 18) that u must be abt to enter college life...all the best for that! will visit again!!:)
April 29, 2004   07:58 PM PDT
oops.....meaningless post.......sach mein buddhi ho rahi hoon.....lolllllllllll
April 29, 2004   07:58 PM PDT
heyyyyyyyyy not a meaningful post at all........pretty good one......made me grin a lot, but then u do make me smile always.....huggggggggssssssss :)
April 29, 2004   07:09 PM PDT
that happens( with the ac). ...my exams are not over yet...what about ur college entrance stuff?
April 29, 2004   02:38 PM PDT
hey CC, bade log ho aap.. Cds, watches, music system... badiya hai!! :))).. Nice to read yaar.. u r never bore(no, I m not saying this bcz of AK47 :p).. i find ur blogs amusing.. so just let n e random thoughts come out!!
April 29, 2004   02:07 PM PDT
Came here from Mishali's blog. She has written a touching post about Megha. CC, how come there is no mention in your blog. You are in Kolkata so talk to her and ask her to restart her blog. She seemed to be a mature person, how did she take such an immature decision? Anyway appoint yourself as the President of her Fan Club and take it upon yourself to bring her back to us. Take it as a challenge. Go over to her place or take her out for dinner and talk to her. She has more friends than enemies but it is for her to understand that. It sounded more like 2 gangs fighting against each other. Tan too was going out of his way to help her. What more did she need?
April 29, 2004   01:46 PM PDT
300 cd's, swatch watch, 6000w system....man u r rich :-D
jay menon
April 29, 2004   01:28 PM PDT
so "chottu bhai", a very happy bday in advance and welcome to the world of "voting rights", now u can stop watching adult movies...as there wont be any more thrill in watchin it.....1*1 and "soapy" is intresting
ps: dont start abusing people and waste ur energy...use it for something better
jay menon
April 29, 2004   01:20 PM PDT
hey CC am firstttttttttt...now lemme read ur blogs

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