Entry: Ah of 10th class!!! Monday, April 26, 2004

Duh!!! What a break I had of 48 hrs(approx). Well, nothing much happened except for the West Bengal JEE. It passed off kinda ok. But the most pathetic part of the tale was that my center was in some Govt sponsered school. Jodhpur Park Boys High School. Well the Jodhpur Park area is itself a pretty good place, but the school was a complete yuck, specially the chairs. Damn those chairs without any backrest. It was a bench minus the back rest and HAD to sit there for 1080 seconds( in minutes and hours it seems to be a pretty small number;)) And as it was a cloudy day so it kinda dark, and they had ONLY 2 tubelights. CPM has crippled the state. Ok ok wont go into politics as I think you are already suffering the election thing.(Atleast I am)

Over the past 2 months  I have been in regular touch with RG, my class 10 buddy. But in 11th our section got split, so we dint keep in touch other than some occasional hi's and hello's. So had a long chat with him about the present, careers, future plans and ofcourse 'guy' talk;) He just said that class 10 was his most memorable year in the whole of 12 yrs spent in Birla High School, and I couldnt help agreeing to him. So if you have time read on , or you can go on blog -hopping(nice hobby !!:P) This post is about my friends in 10th and the various things we did 2 academic years back.

Keeping in mind the traditions, I begin with cursing the teacher. I know its not good, but I am helpless. I GOTTA CURSE this teacher. His name was Mr A.K. Singh. We never bothered to ask his name as we had nicks for him( we had nicks for everyone) We had named him Aks after the fim Aks, but the bestest was Aastin ka saap:P. Like most teachers he used to follow the points mentioned below while taking our Physics classes.

1.Enter the classroom
2.Choose any student from left or right row.
3.Go upto the teachers desk.
4.Start reading.

Thats it!! Chapter done. He dint even bother to ask us that was there any sort of difficulty or whether we couldnt get any particular part of the chapter. Yes he showed his real teaching skills once in a blue moon( where blue moon should be interpreted as Principal on round). Alas we did enjoy his classes.

Now for some reason our class had a nick of CD den. Now we were a group of 8 guys who regularly used to bring CD's to school. We had mp3's, english film cd's and lots of game cd's on any given schoolday. It had become a norm that if our bags were searched then it was bound to get a minimum of 8 cd's. But our bags were searched by our montiors and prefects who were in our gang. So we never got caught, untill some senior students of 12th came searching. We had 7 sections of class 10 and I was in 'E' and we had given specific tips to our friends in other classes specially in 'A' or 'F'( as the seniors used to begin their search from these sections) to inform us immediately whenever there was a 'raid'. Initially for the first time M( who is now my friend and is in my class) came and informed us about the raids, so we were well prepared that day, and had hidden those cd's in appropriate places. But the second we werent lucky as one of the Seniors caught a fella red handed. His name was taken, some warnings were given but then nothing happened. As usual we were again in full bloom, bringing CD's, exchanging CD's and continuing the 'racket'. But luck wasnt with us this time as we 3 of our guys were caught with cd's( I was lucky each and everytime). So we had to think of some robust plan, so that we could protect our CD's and our a** and I came up with a plan which ensured that we were NEVER caught for the rest of the remaining academic year.

My trick was simple. I knew how to cover our copies without using gum or paste(thanks to my dad) and taught it to my friends as well. So the basic idea was to keep the CD in the last page of HARDBOUND copies only. Take the last three pages of the copy and then put up the cover so that the CD couldnt be felt due to the cardboard. Well what do ya say?? Or dint u get the process??

Well I think the post is lengthy now, and I HAVE to mention another incident which took place in the next post.. wont it be too much for all you ppl to bear???


April 29, 2004   10:52 AM PDT
hehehe , dont tell me u never had that fun???@MM
April 29, 2004   10:52 AM PDT
April 29, 2004   10:51 AM PDT
Thanks CA, its made for you ..hehe, and dont put too much strain on your eyes:):D
April 29, 2004   10:50 AM PDT
Ah yes bonkers you are ancient..hehee, and the secret..umm umm:P
April 29, 2004   10:49 AM PDT
Oh me not bangladeshi,but from west bengal..bhaalo aachi:D
April 29, 2004   10:49 AM PDT
lol @ i nver watched LOTR. Hahahaha..n ur prefects were smart, chking when students are out..cool our prefects are dumb arses!!
April 29, 2004   10:46 AM PDT
LOL thats what i call the smiling -scolder...whatever be the circumstances keep smiling, same for smiling richa as well. Was she a source of insipiration for your blog title:P
n i remember Mrs Pant
April 29, 2004   10:45 AM PDT
Hmmm well richa, u see, i heard that some girls hide their mobiles inside their skirts????? is it????? or some jerk blabbering shit???
hehe good that our princi never chkd our bags, n since we are(were ) in 12th so one took panga with us:)
April 29, 2004   10:37 AM PDT
LOL@tia, i guess students from cal are backward n not so developed:P
April 29, 2004   10:36 AM PDT
April 29, 2004   10:35 AM PDT
thanks suzannah for coming by:).. army singh lol:)
April 29, 2004   10:27 AM PDT
Thanks alaknanda:)
April 29, 2004   10:19 AM PDT
Pata hain drifter...:Pabout the exam centers
And CD nahi churaya ,pehle se tha:P
April 29, 2004   10:15 AM PDT
Good smita that you had unity in your class which saved you;)..alas us!!!
April 29, 2004   10:09 AM PDT
Ok try my best to write bit long posts from nxt time, but then u will be the only one reading :D

And thanks;)
April 29, 2004   10:08 AM PDT
hmm tan, untitled aur uska gf ko to unki jaat ka painda marunga, unki khatiya sidhi kar dunga.and LMG sucks man..nurse type uniforms
April 29, 2004   10:03 AM PDT
Ya EA i forgot that point of yours. N few others as well ...dumb me:P
April 29, 2004   09:56 AM PDT

They are prefects afterall who are running after perfection;)
April 29, 2004   09:51 AM PDT
Lucky rash...damn we were checked so many times. School wasnt strict. The seniors who were looking for free cds were strict:)
April 29, 2004   09:50 AM PDT
Ah LMG the dumbass school ..lol@Megha
April 29, 2004   09:49 AM PDT
Hey mishali, me is doing good. How about u?
April 29, 2004   09:40 AM PDT
Ya sonica, i too agree to what you say. NOw you just start your blog n then see kya hota hain. Read my comments!!:P
April 29, 2004   09:39 AM PDT
hmm mehak, yes bit hue din vaapis nahi aate:)
Meandering me
April 28, 2004   05:46 PM PDT
hi!! Sounds like soooo mcuh fun :)
Caffeine Addict
April 28, 2004   12:16 PM PDT
god the eye strain ! i can see white ghost lines all over my comp now. sigh...but ur templates lookin good now.
April 28, 2004   02:50 AM PDT
Gosh...wat a naughy kid u were!!!!!
April 28, 2004   12:19 AM PDT
All da best for the JEE..Cdz..hmm...we used to carry comics..sheesh seems like I m ancient!!..Such a short break :O..and u didnt tell wht was it for :P...
April 27, 2004   11:17 PM PDT
hey read 1 of ur old post!!...u bangladeshi?!?!?!:|.....kemonasho????:P:P:P
April 27, 2004   11:10 PM PDT
lol......Man! xchanging Cdz is damn fun.....n damn risky too:-S...but u wount blive this...i've seen the 1st 2 partz of LOTR(ya ryt! tht 11 oscar movie:P) by da same old tradition :Pof xchangin' Cdz at skool...khekhekhe.*i've seen da last part too...1st day 1st show*..in our case once ur caught ..da Cdz will b taken n neva returned.da good thing iz da bagz r checked usually wen the students r out e.g: P.T or library periods:Dkhekhekhe:P
April 27, 2004   09:59 PM PDT
n regd tth A.K.Singh.. v got so many antiques in our skul .... tht tht A.K.Singh seems nothing... i'll tell u abt them when i catch u online.. hey, i cant help mentioning one teacher of mine.. Mrs.Mukherjee.. who is always smiling..everytime.. n even when she is scolding us, v get kinda confused....tht is she scolding or talking normally (with those smiles of hers)... hehe.. its funny,isnt it..
April 27, 2004   09:55 PM PDT
umm...must have been having back ache till now.. dont u?? with those kinda chairs n all.... *oori baba* fortunately i havent got any chance to sit in those kinda lakdi ka kursis..
std X.. those cds n all..he he.. nice idea of urs to keep them hidden in the last pages of copies... in our skul too v were occasionaly checked for cell phones.. sometimes even the princi used to examine our bags....n in fact some hand sets were even confiscated... but now, v all keep tth inside our pockets... *evil grin*
April 27, 2004   05:37 PM PDT
u took me down memory lane.. y do ppl here think bag checkin dint exist? we had it a lotttaaa times.. but durin our x'mas concert, it was common to find cd's, novels, packs of cards, chess boards..photoalbums.. and other stuff...
April 27, 2004   05:02 PM PDT
Naughty U!!!
anyways that was clever of U -hidding the CD'S-n what did u say-guy talk-what do guys talk about???
April 27, 2004   04:28 PM PDT
haha.. benches without backrests:-p totally hate those myself. i used to have a physics teacher in my tenth named AK Singh...we used to call him Army Kumar...coz he was an Army wannabe...u brought bac sweet memories... nice blog by the way
April 27, 2004   04:26 PM PDT
hmm.....ur a smartie eh...hehe !
okies....so u ve appeared for JEE !
all da beshtesht!!!!!!!!!
April 27, 2004   02:51 PM PDT
hmmmmmm,4 ur info everybody has 2 endure stupid ,yucky classrooms during entrances, so just chill, & bad teachers,well u can't do nething xcept give them horrible nicks,& make fish faces at them,& CDs dats pretty smart, kahan se churaya?:P m sure u got it from somewhere.
April 27, 2004   11:33 AM PDT
hey..thanks for mentioning my post in prev blog! Well, our teachers were very diff thn one u mentioned.. I really liked their teaching a lot.. it hardly used to get boring! Our 10th ka class was superb.. so many pranks played, but no one used to get caught.. too much of unity in the class :)
April 27, 2004   09:12 AM PDT
Not long enoughhhh :) hahaha yeah school times are always great, had a lot of memories :) We really did naughty naughty stuff in the school :P Your tricks are really good bro :D
April 27, 2004   09:11 AM PDT
Megha, ru from LMG?? hhahahahha..anyway CC nowadays the last line of ur posts are always something BHERY emotional or senti..!! Is this, the result of the new crush?? How is she, btw?? hehe. It won't be much to bear, my Lord CC!! Kya re mamy exam time pe senti kyun hoyela re..??Untitled to tera fav blog mein bhi watt lagane mafiq pouch gaya. oops not him but his gf.!!
April 27, 2004   06:00 AM PDT
Hey CC... i guess you could add another line to your "stupid survey" post... that even school students are finding their place in the blog world! :)
April 27, 2004   12:34 AM PDT
Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!! Damnnn I miss my school days! :o((( But y d hell shud prefects check ur bag!??!?!
April 27, 2004   12:29 AM PDT
ya.. I've tried that "trick" quite a few times... but not really to hide CDs :p And anyways what's with your school!!??!!! It's illegal to bring CDs???!!! woowwww.... damn strict.. I studied in one convent and one jesuit school, and we never had any bag checking!!
April 27, 2004   12:19 AM PDT
good ur back........cool post...reminded me of LMG :D
April 27, 2004   12:18 AM PDT
heyyyyy cc, hugsssssss howz ya.. sweet post:)
April 26, 2004   11:42 PM PDT
it is always too much for us to bear cc ....bas aadat se majboor hain yaar jo fir laut aate hain aapke blog ke paas .....dont lol ..i am serious
April 26, 2004   11:15 PM PDT
class...10th ...miss school days n college days....never gonna come back...neway to rewind...????

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