Entry: And I thought... Saturday, June 26, 2004

... that Troy was a Brad Pitt's name in the movie Troy..DUH!!!

I really do get irritated if people say or do:

"It's so hot outside" After spending couple of hours in a AC shopping mall and in a Cinema Hall.

"What is the price of this thing?" even when the price is written neatly in front of it.

"Where did you disappear for so many months?" after meeting a once-upon-a-time-pal even when he is living a stone's throw away from my house.

When someone is eating some cheesy stuff sitting in the very next seat and the it smells so good, and above all that person is a Girl!!!

And for the above all reasons, I am really IRRITATED..

And yeah, philosophy and serious stuff suck, not to mention about arbit and non-sense posts suck too.

Yippie, not to forget that finally Calcutta has opened Three multiplexes, 4 screen though. The new mulitpex, Cinema 89, is around 52000 sq ft in total space. Thats WOW!!


June 29, 2004   07:12 AM PDT
All people have different things which they irritated of :) Yours are cute :D woww new cinema, hope you enjoy watching there, try it and tell us ok :)
June 29, 2004   02:33 AM PDT
i was here ... lol ... spider man releases on 23 JULY ... i thot this would be NEWS u COULD USE :-p !! ... adios
June 28, 2004   02:37 PM PDT
oww..i do sum of that stuff..cmon cc..wudja get mad at me if i id that? :p bet u wudnt!!!!
June 28, 2004   01:24 PM PDT
Oye,tu bahut din ke baad aajkal posts karta hai.. bahut bz kya? So, u saw the movie troy?? N whts the news frm ur side? done with ur admission? Mumbai aane wala hai kya?
June 28, 2004   09:03 AM PDT
Hi CC.. nice post ! .. i m always in that state of mind.. irritation!
June 27, 2004   10:42 PM PDT
so what category does your post come into?
June 27, 2004   11:45 AM PDT
but the first one makes sense, doesnt it? i mean obv u wud feel hot outside coz of the ac effect....the comparitive effect!! no harm in voicing ur thoughts, rite? that's wat YOU r doing actually! hehe....am feeling stupid! so basically the point is to stay chilled at times like these!!!:)
June 27, 2004   12:46 AM PDT
nice post, even i get irritated when someone keeps on eating when the film is goin on, btw CC i have changed my blog, havent seen u there for once
June 26, 2004   10:55 PM PDT
Where is Cinema 89??

June 26, 2004   08:53 PM PDT
hii....hows u...cc hope u doing fine n liked ur write up take care
June 26, 2004   08:07 PM PDT
wat abt yr results cc.....and admissions.....
June 26, 2004   06:48 PM PDT
its time for multiplexed everywhere.....
June 26, 2004   05:54 PM PDT
hey hey.. me gonna watch lakshya in cinema 89 tomo.... wopppa!!!
June 26, 2004   12:16 PM PDT
now don't get irritated too much :) even i say it is so hot after coming out of AC :P good post...loved it.

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