Entry: Compliments Monday, June 21, 2004

When we do something creditable, we look for compliments and applauses from our colleagues and superiors. I have hardly met any person who doesn't look for applauses and recognition. True even I do look for compliments about my work( if I do any work:p).

A lady told me that Indians dont take credit if they deserve it and fume about it later on. She even told me that if we take credits for our work, it will be a boost to our self-esteem which will help our personality develop.

Now I am sure that you will all agree to the fact that no one is perfect in this world. Everyone has some defect in themselves. So why is it that we look for compliments and words of appreciation from people who arent perfect?


June 25, 2004   11:34 PM PDT
me here after a long time.......
June 25, 2004   06:55 PM PDT
i like compliments pretty well myself..who doesnt??...:D..but i dont depend on them.....this is me..good bad ugly..i like me the way iam...
June 25, 2004   03:18 PM PDT
Alu bhai, tanik sustai liyo...phir naya post dalo :P
June 25, 2004   10:26 AM PDT
sahi hai bhai!! but it is not the question of who compliments us(perfect or omperfect people) it is only a method of gratyfying ur senses. it pleases ur ears, ur ego, but most of all it boosts ur self esteem. but on the other hand i guess u r right! compliments from an imperfect person is like one blind person helping another blind person which means that the result has to be a disaster for both. true, life is a viscious circle.
June 25, 2004   04:37 AM PDT
what happened to CC, first time i can see a sensible post out here, tryin to be intellectual kyaaa????
TP Blogger
June 24, 2004   07:16 PM PDT
kiddo, tu itna philosophical kaise ban gaya? and why r u not online any time???
June 24, 2004   03:46 PM PDT
When I dunno wht to comment...I do this.."hmmmmmmm"
June 24, 2004   01:12 AM PDT
compliments? hmm.. sochna padega..i'll think of a gud comment.. for the time bein y not compliment me on my brilliant thinkin..
June 23, 2004   08:39 PM PDT
so true.......actually there are two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. I try to be in the first group; there was much less competition. :o)
June 22, 2004   11:50 AM PDT
I nEvEr toLd YoU such THinGs. WHO iS the LaDY????

FATTU aSks CC, wHy doeS he VaNish??

ANd SaYs heLLo tO oLd frenz' wHo HaVe stoppEd vIsiTing HeR.

( *Shows heR tonguE to CC*)
June 22, 2004   07:01 AM PDT
Too much receiving compliments maybe not really good ... but sometimes compliments are important too ... so we know how well we have done and as encouragement for us so we can continue doing well. :)
June 21, 2004   09:03 PM PDT
Tan u know why i'm grrrrrring :P and babes is CC...muah muah to him ;)
June 21, 2004   08:48 PM PDT
why is meera GRRRRRRRRRRRing in ur comment box, when i asked for dumbeshwari..?? who is BABES??
June 21, 2004   05:35 PM PDT
CC wht happened man- uve grown ages in the last few days...grown in the nice way...altho i miss the ol template n ramblings i guess thrs a time n plc fr everythin.
June 21, 2004   04:34 PM PDT
its just how all of us humans are ... i mean i dont think there is even one person who wouldn't ask for approval after he/she thinks that he/she has done something good. This was a mysterious little post like the previous one ... so i cant say much more than this :-) ... something tells me u need to be CHEERED UP ... well ... looking at that list of people in ur BLOG ROLL i am very shure there must be quite a number of people who can help you overcome whatever hurdles u see ... take care buddy
June 21, 2004   03:45 PM PDT
CC bhai tera paon kahan hai? i'm floored. man, u just taught me a bloody good lesson...no wonder i call u my best friend. poor dumb me needs ppl like u around CC. seriously i'm amazed at ur maturity...hugs dear :)
June 21, 2004   02:53 PM PDT
Kya hua CC? Why so many philosophicals thoughts yaar?? Delhi jaake aap mein parivartan ho gaya hai? :D
June 21, 2004   02:22 PM PDT
Can u write another post after this, and explain this post in little bit details to a silly me?? thora apni torch ki light isspar fekega re mere bhai..bahut sannata hai..otherwise thora shout karega?? Please.

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