Entry: The Delhi Trip-I Friday, June 04, 2004

27th May '04
13:30 hrs

My mom was forcing me to eat this and that, as if I'm going to some place where there is no food, water available. I can still recall the afternoon of 27th May when my mom was forcing me to eat all the dishes while my Big bro was giggling and smiling at me, afterall these chances are once in a lifetime;). I also laugh when is he packed with food stuff when he returns to Nagpur. So this was kinda tit-for-tat:(

Now in calcutta, we have two stations, Howrah and Sealdah. I have been to Howrah before but Sealdah was new for me. I had seen it from a distance but never entered it. I think 16:45hrs was departure time for Rajdhani from Sealdah. Taking no chances we(Me and a friend) arrived at the station at around 16:05 hrs. Now my brother told me that train journeys can be extremely boring if you are travelling alone, and your co-passengers are a bigger bore's. But this was nothing like that for us. We were 10 friends in the same coach. So pretty obviously we chatted about each and every topic under the sun. From studies to girlfriend's. It was fun travelling in an AC train, but it could have been worse if I had travelled alone. First evening snacks was served, which was pretty obviously bad. Then we were given 2 Amulya Milk powder and tea bags. SInce I dont drink tea very often, I just emptied a Milk powder packet into my mouth. My friend sitting beside me was such a dumbo that he just ripped apart the tea bag contents into the cup!! Thing people do.

I was sitting in the Lower berth, while the Side lower and Side upper berth's were occupied by a family of three. As soon as they finished their snack, they took the blankets and pillows and dozed off. Only their small daughter was playing around in the side upper berth. Kumbhkaran ke Aulad!!!!

At around 19:30 hrs a couple boarded from Asansol. After little bit of chit chat, we came to know that the Husband was a maths teacher and his two sons were doing engg from Meerut and never the less they were helluva boring people lol!!:)

Had my pathetic dinner around 20:15 hrs. The couple retired to their berths after having their dinner. It was around 00:30 hrs. Each and every passenger were sleeping except for the 10 of us. We weren't together in single compartment. We were in group of 6,3 and 1. In only 2 compartments lights were on. In my compartment, 3 of us were there, while from time to time a single guy turned up from the other 6 complaining about a guy ND who was completely boring them. Whenever a guy came from the group into our compartment..
"Arre yaar ND kya chaat raha hain!! Dimag ka Dahi kar raha hain"

Finally I even dozed off at around 02:00 only to wake up again at around 02:20. As I peeped out of the window, I read in dim light "Moghal Sarai"(in hindi). My friends had told me earlier that it was a dreaded area for bandits and dacoits. But thankfully nothing happened when we passed Gaya and Moghal Sarai. And I again dozed off...zzzzzzz

28th May'04 

THUD!! I hit my head against the upper berth(I was sleeping in the lower berth). Again the same old tea arrived. This time I dint even bother to take the tray. It sucked big time( the whole process of making tea:p). At around 08:15 hrs breakfast arrived. And it was as usual a major shit. The omelette sucked. So did the jam. And heck they gave peas with omlettes!!!!!! I gonna sue the Railways.

The scheduled arrival time was 10:50am. But keeping up the good and recommendable job, the train arrived at the station at around 11.45hrs. Full credit to to the railways people. So we came out of the station and went to the auto-stand.
They have meters, but the drivers hardly use it. Its just there for showing off.
You have to bargain for your fare. None of us had any idea about the roads of delhi, so we couldnt ask them to start the meter, cuz most probably they will take us to our destination from the longest route possible to gain maximum fare.
One driver even had the audacity to ask for 400 bucks for taking us from Railway Station to Pahargunj. We did decline him but later we found out that Pahargunj was a 10 mins walk from Station. Those cheats!!!

The hotel was pretty good, atleast worth living. The AC was there and it was DAMN good. I washed my face and opened my bags. Then we decided to have our lunch out. So we went to a restuarant near the hotel called "Darbar"(If I can recall it correctly) The food was not so good, but we were damn hungry. So we hogged down whatever was ordered. Now we did order a large quantity of food as we were around 13 guys there. But the total amounted to some 521 bucks. The same would have costed around 900 in calcutta. So we went back to the hotel. Had another round of chit-chat and gossiping. In the evening we went to CP(Conaught Place..spelling is ok I think??!!). CP is a huge place and is round in shape. The delhi people are constructing yet another Metro route near CP. After having stupidest of food- THE HAPPY MEAL at McDonald's. I am wondering..why do they call it the happy Meal. Its tasteless and useless. Yuck!!! McDonalds is a complete crap outlet. They even cheat on the cold drinks as 1/4 of the cup is filled with ice. Then we went to Nirula's and hogged on Triple Sundae and Hot chocolate. It was pretty costly considering the fact
1. There was no sitting arrangement downstairs
2. No drinking water available downstairs.
But Nirula's food was far better than Mcdonald's. But comparing Burgers with Ice cream is not fair afterall:p

After we finished our sundae and drink, we headed towards Pallikabazar. Pallikabazar is a pretty good place and its good for people who can bargain well. I can't bargain much and I dont talk much too. Now I went to a shop in which watches were on display. So I went there and chose a watch. The shopkeeper said 350 bucks for that watch. I said 150 bucks. Then he gave the usual crap.."the watch is good" "the belt is fancy" "Blah blah blah" and I stared at him with a take-it-or-leave-it face. He took 150 bucks quietly and dint mutter anything else. Then we took a auto back from CP to Pahargunj which took costed us 40 bucks, which I think was pretty reasonable.

Came back to my hotel. Changed my clothes. Thud...flat on the bed. Only to get up again at 03:30 hrs. The AC was off!!!!! Quick glance at my friend sleeping beside me. He is sleeping..diagonally though!. The fan was switched off too. Called up the reception and asked about the AC

"Current nahi hain"
These people run a hotel and dont have a generator!!!!! The room was cold , so I guess I dozed off again:p


jay menon
June 9, 2004   09:40 AM PDT
why the hell am i late to see this post.....so CC was in CP, cool place to be with cool gals, now lemme read the 2nd part
June 9, 2004   07:40 AM PDT
woww glad that you write again bro :) and your trip sounds very interesting ... can't wait to see Delhi in the future :)
June 6, 2004   04:58 PM PDT
Arrey mamu if i dream isnt allowed in public then what does the POPA stands for:P

POPPA- Prevention of Peeing in PUblic act:p
June 6, 2004   04:56 PM PDT
you are my inspiration CA:D
and sure i will talk if u call again:D:D
June 6, 2004   04:55 PM PDT
Chances are there of me going to bbay:D@Bonkers
June 6, 2004   01:21 PM PDT
Yes Mehak, CP is a real nice place and Nirula's was better than MAc:)
June 6, 2004   01:02 PM PDT
Oh raj anand. The eternal HUNK?? is he is Mumbai??? And who is buddhii? I like the word budiya..!! Ur dream for the fountain..err..well...it is not allowed in public u see!!
Caffeine Addict
June 6, 2004   12:06 PM PDT
mere baap..how do u manage to write such HUMONGOUS entries? n if i call u again wud u talk?
June 6, 2004   12:02 PM PDT
BOMBAY!!!!..Tussi bby aa rahe ho!!!!!:O
June 6, 2004   10:32 AM PDT
hey..CC.....u r back...well i like Mc Donald's cuz i like there chicken burgers....though happy meal is yuck....n nirula's ....looooooveee there ice-creams.....there r alot of kewl eating joints at CP....so wat have u planned to do next......DU mein admission le raha hai kya ?

June 6, 2004   10:19 AM PDT
Hey buddhi, the figure you wrote i mean the 10000.... that thing, bolna bhi aata hain :p, and life mein kabhi to hindi padhi nahi..zyada mat bol:p
June 6, 2004   12:31 AM PDT
oye buddhi kisko bola re.......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....aur sun my hindi is 10000000000000 times better than urs :P aur tu abh bombay ja raha hai?????? ahem ahem...beware of the eternal hunk raj anand :P
June 6, 2004   12:31 AM PDT
oye buddhi kisko bola re.......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....aur sun my hindi is 10000000000000 times better than urs :P aur tu abh bombay ja raha hai?????? ahem ahem...beware of the eternal hunk raj anand :P
June 6, 2004   12:06 AM PDT
Haan aero big bad delhi:D
June 6, 2004   12:04 AM PDT
Hmm toh u change ur name..lol@tan
June 6, 2004   12:03 AM PDT
Hey thanks..will put the concluding part ASAP@Jasmine:)
June 6, 2004   12:02 AM PDT
Bombay.. hmm I think i gonna come over there for studies:D
June 6, 2004   12:00 AM PDT
Hey diptea...it was pretty ok:)
June 5, 2004   11:58 PM PDT
June 5, 2004   11:49 PM PDT
Aage yeh hua ki....:p@Bonkers
June 5, 2004   11:48 PM PDT
Hehe Insomniac. DCE was pretty ok. But seats for OUTSIDERS like us is MAJOR PROB. So chances kinda slim:D:D
June 5, 2004   11:47 PM PDT
Hahaha Tan. It's my eternal dream to pee in that fountain..lol:D:D:D
June 5, 2004   11:46 PM PDT
Who me look like a bong. Ghar me aaina hain na? Look at yourself, and you fluent in hindi. Buddhi chk your hindi specially while mixing up sexes ..lol:p@Meera
June 5, 2004   11:45 PM PDT
Billi oh Billi:@Somer:D
June 5, 2004   11:43 PM PDT
Wokay amar..dont talk about excitement..lol:p
June 5, 2004   11:42 PM PDT
Oh ho Megdi, you better chk out the dates. it's 27th n 28th..so you will be mentioned when I write about 31st:p
June 5, 2004   11:41 PM PDT
Haha you makari(whatever the female thing for makar:p)
The autowallahs are major creeps and I think was bargaining for some kinda Aloo pyaaz..duh!!!@Meg
June 5, 2004   11:40 PM PDT
Abey Alibaugh bol raha tha ki Aligarh? Hopefully tan there werent any Hotel raids:P

Hmm Mac I saw only stupid people lol:p
And I saw KAKE DA DHABA...but frnds werent willing to go there..brrrr n grrr
Village bole to Pitampura ya Alipur:p@Tan
June 5, 2004   11:37 PM PDT
Ah Smita, I think I am making up for the extra sleep I had after my boards:p
June 5, 2004   05:17 PM PDT
CC kammal ho gaya Mamu, there are two Tan's in the blog world. I just visited the other Tan blog. what shud I do?? Tan-Ta-Tan!! Main to Mamu ban gaya!!
June 5, 2004   03:52 PM PDT
Hey CC man I don't think you need any tips from me considering u've written a great travelogue urself.waiting for the next part.
June 5, 2004   02:34 PM PDT
delhi... not to fond of d place... and wen will it b bombay's turn??
June 5, 2004   02:18 PM PDT
ur delhi trip sounds amusing(?).how was it anyway?
June 5, 2004   12:40 PM PDT
Even I know something abt delhi?? Agey bhi to bolo..?? Abey bol dal..!!!
June 5, 2004   11:36 AM PDT
Hmmm..I know nothing about Delhi...so aage kya hua?? and Smita's right I think...u need sleep..:P
June 5, 2004   02:59 AM PDT
hey ... u came to appear for DCE right ... how was it ... even I gave it ... lol ... i know its not a COOL question to ask .... but i cant think of anything else to ask ... lol !!
June 4, 2004   11:48 PM PDT
ok- Cal ka chora finally reaches big bad new delhi...whr does the adventure take u nxt...
June 4, 2004   10:56 PM PDT
@Meera: why did u go to Mac of all places!! Uff this time try out Hash, or other places..!! And the famous fountain, hahaa. CC why didn't u go?? Wahan bachhe allowed hai, main bhi jata hoon( hehehe)
June 4, 2004   09:02 PM PDT
Mcdonald's sucks??????????? eeeeeeeeeeeeek thats where me and Prince went. how dare u? :P and autowallah toh cheat hi karega pura bong jo dikhta hai. not like me fluent in hindi. none of them had the guts to cheat me :D aur vasant vihar kyun nahi gaya??? boo hoo i wanted u to see that fountain where me and Prince sat :P
June 4, 2004   08:29 PM PDT
dilli! oh dilli!
June 4, 2004   08:12 PM PDT
The start of adventurous trip looks good and now waiting to the next post where more excitement is awaited.
June 4, 2004   07:19 PM PDT
once more- "U MAKKAR" how dare u dnt even mention me on thid postttttt?!! damn uuuuuuuu!!! grrrr
June 4, 2004   07:18 PM PDT
u makkar! no tareef of dilli?!!! how dare u!!! all ur fault, who told u 2 choose a place like paharganj! lol hahaha! and yuppp auto driverz r major creeps out here! u have 2 bargain n bargain n bargain! damn this place!
June 4, 2004   07:02 PM PDT
Tujhe autowallah ne socha ALIBAGH se aya hai..?? 400 bucks from NDLS to Paharganj..!! U shud have checked out Pre-Paid auto stand. Pahargunj hotels, err..well..hope there was no police raids while u stayed!! Actually kabhi kabhi hotel. OH Mac is a shitty place, infact CP Mc is bogus. i am sure u bumped into fatty kids..there who were slim rim specks and eat all those french fries. Happy Meal was was to make kids, happy Duh. Tune kyun Khaya. U shud have called me, we wud have gone to Kake-Da-Dhaba. Oh..Palika, beta bahut chuna lag jata hai wahan..Hope ur watch runs well!! I am more interested abt the VILLAGE VISIT u had!!! Come on make it fast!! Wahan electricity hai, Jahan..Gandhi cut rehti hai???
June 4, 2004   06:13 PM PDT
hey.. me first :D..... Bottom line is.. u got to have a nice sleep!! hahaha

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