Entry: Of the week gone by Friday, May 07, 2004

Hi! How are you people doing? I am so sorry for my absence from my blog for quite sometime. Read on and you will understand the reason for my absence (however useless and senseless excuse it may appear to be :P)

Monday, 3rd May 2004

I had to get some documents attested by our not-so-dear headbitch of our school. I reached Birla High School at around 11.30 am. Now the whole street is generally crowded with cars and ‘young late morning walkers’. But today the street wore a deserted look. I wondered why? When I walked up to the gate of my school, the durwan (guard) sitting there lazily asked me:

D:“Kya hua?”
*What happened?*

Me: “Principal aayi hain kya?”
*Has the headbitch arrived yet?*

D: “Arre nahi. Aaj toh school bandh hain.”
*Today school is closed*

I am completely shocked. My sub-conscious mind takes me back to last evening’s (Sunday) conversation with dad. He told me that there was some kinda muslim holiday. Sheesh how could I forget that. I wasted 45 mins to travel the whole distance which meant I had deprived myself of 45 mins of the 24 hrs, which I could have utilised in sleeping or blog-hopping. Boo hoo. NO more time to waste.

“Driver warp me back to my place.”

And driver warps me back to home at a so called ‘fast’ speed of 35 km/h when the whole road was empty and bare. DUMB!!

Guide to key-terms:
Head Bitch- Principal.

Tuesday, 4th May 2004

Once again the ordeal continued. I went back to school to get my documents attested. I asked the jerk to pass the documents on to the principals.

J: “Hum nahi denge. Abhi mere jo jhar para hain. “
*No, I cant give the documents to her. I just got scolded by her.*

Me:” Tumhara kaam hi toh jhar khana. Tumhe aur kis baat ki paisa deta hain school wale*evil grin*
*That’s your work, to get scolded. What else do you think you get paid for*[*evil grin*]*

Jerk is still adamant. I give up finally as arguing with him wont help my cause. Neither would Taporigiri or Mamugiri. I submitted the documents with him and came back home.

“Driver warp me back to my place.”

This time I was lucky as he drove at a speed of 50km/h.DUMB!!

Guide to key terms:
Jerk- Peon out side principal’s office.

Wednesday, 5th May
The ordeal still continued. I went back to school to collect my documents. Principal was sitting in the auditorium and staring at some students performing on the stage. I think she was trying to understand what the students were doing; neither could I understand why the students were jumping on the stage wearing multi-coloured clothes and fake moustaches. So, the idea of an Annual Day function of a particular school is to make some students jump on the stage like primitive monkeys and force the other non-participating students to tolerate and cheer the performing students? While the prefects and monitors try to hush up the booing crowd?
Anyways, I got my documents finally attested. The jerk asked for some money. I gave him 10 bucks and came back to my car.

“Driver warp me back to my place”
I AM TOTALLY IRRITATED WITH MY DRIVER. HE DROVE THE CAR AT A WHOPPING, EYE POPPING, MIND BOGGLING, NERVE WRECKING, HEAD TOSSING speed of…..hold your breath, 25km/hr, even though I asked him twice to punch the accelerator which resulted in an increase of 15km/hr for about 120 seconds. DUMB!!!!!!!

And above all, my tuition sir came an hour early than his scheduled time.

Sir: Besi tara tari chole aasheni toh?
*Hope I didn’t arrive too early*

Me: Na na...%&*$&%&*$(*($&#$#&$&#^$&*^#$&
*No at all..... %&*$&%&*$(*($&#$#&$&#^$&*^#$&*

Thursday, 07 May 2004

Today I was supposed to submit the form along with the attested copies. Thus began my search for Alipur campus of Calcutta University. I searched high and low, Right and Left, Diagonally and parallel, in all directions, but in vain. Then a white donkey, sipping tea from an earthen pot, came to my rescue sporting black goggles, carrying a revolver. Yes, you are correct, a traffic sergeant.

So I arrived at my destined building. That building gave me a brief idea about the caves and destroyed buildings of the medieval age. It was a perfect archaeological site. It could develop a crack by a cat’s meow or a dog’s bark could bring it down. I took my each step cautiously as I advanced towards the room, on which was written..
“Submit forms here. Time ^^.30 am to 4.00pm”
*^^ wasn’t clear to me*

As soon as I entered the room, an air of laziness enveloped me. I had already started to feel that I needed to be among these lazy bums. I really want to be in here:P.
Cutting the crap out, as the post is getting out of hand and terribly boring to read as it is LONG.
The guy said that I needed my 12th admit card’s attested copy. *What the “4lettered word”*. I told him that it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the brochure we had to submit that.
“No, it was here (there???). You go and see popaly” (*I think he missed the R’s, or the R’s were muted by the pan he was chewing)*
“Ok sir, I will get back the docs attested by Monday.”
To irritate him further I asked him about the last dates of submission and the room I am supposed to come again. Exam details and blah blah. I could hear he was irritated as he was shouting at the peon who brought him a non-working pen

Today is my mom’s birthday. I hoped that I could have a better son to her. I hope she always smiles and stop whining about my manners and other 100 things. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!

And I dint make it to the IIT screening. I had no hope for it since I dint prepare for it like some other people mite have done( 2yrs of slogging) Best of luck to those who cleared it.


Nemesis, Twi(t)ster
May 13, 2004   01:01 AM PDT
Bechara! your week was unproductive.. nothing can beat mine ;).. Wish mommie hippie barthday, and parcel those chocolates, will ya? :D Thanks tres tres much!
May 11, 2004   05:38 AM PDT
ashe aar jae..why'dya pop off again? *confused* ah well hope u come back to blogging again soon!!! :-) i like reading ur stuff and ur style of writing :-)
May 10, 2004   10:12 PM PDT
Yes CC...that "Ankita" comment was mine :)
May 10, 2004   02:04 PM PDT

ABP Ltd., 3rd Floor, Express Building, 9&10, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi - 110002.


This is the branch address. I dont know whether people there would be able to or willing to help you. Best of luck. If you the addresses of any other dailies pls let me know:)
Name Ritu
May 10, 2004   11:51 AM PDT
I'm in Delhi, CC, and I would be *so* greatful if you could give me some contact numbers. Thanks once again. :)

May 10, 2004   11:29 AM PDT

Here is the website of an Bengali daily http://www.anandabazar.com(its in bengali..so wont be of much help i guess)

They even have their branches in Mumbai,New delhi, chennai,bangalore,hyderabad,ahmedabad. If you are in anyone of the above cities..let me know so that I can look up for their contact numbers. I dont know how much helpful will this be, but this is the least thing i could do, as I dont have any contacts:(
Hope u will understand
May 10, 2004   11:17 AM PDT
Well, I have to see if I know anyone from the bengali dailies(though chances are pretty low) but still I will try my best:)@Ritu
May 10, 2004   11:16 AM PDT
Hey Tan just chill out. Dont fight it out over here or anywhere. Let him comment and u also comment.
and robert pls also understand my position and pls dont fight over here:) hope you can understand. Pls come and puke over here (after reading my posts:P) but pls dont fight over here:)
Name Ritu
May 10, 2004   11:12 AM PDT
Thanks anyway, CC. I'm afraid I don't know anyone in the Bengali dailies and don't even know enough Bengali to read their addresses/phone numbers if the same are mentioned on a website. Do you know anyone there?

Oh, the Anand Margi Sect recently lost a case in the Supremem Court and are no longer allowed to whirl swords and human skulls in their public processions....
May 10, 2004   10:52 AM PDT
Umm sorry ritu, but cant help u on this topic as I have no idea about the people you have mentioned over here. Sorry , really really sorry. But i will leave u a mail incase I find someone who can help you out. If you have any contacts over in here in local bengali dailies, they mite be able to help you out, or speaking to someone over there, might be of some use.
Sorry again :(
May 10, 2004   10:51 AM PDT
Ah robert he is just joking. Dont take his jokes seriously and ur always welcome to help me out. Hey btw since Megha deleted her blog , i missed the person's email n name which u had mentioned over there. Could u pls leave it again? thanks
May 10, 2004   10:51 AM PDT

lol at ur name:)..thanks for coming by..hmm did u read the posts:P
May 10, 2004   10:51 AM PDT
Hmm tan, come on he is just adivising me, as i even asked u..he is just helping me out in here
May 10, 2004   10:51 AM PDT
haan re pranshu, they donno what they have missed:P hey thanks man...i need to put in more in my upar ka mlaa..really thanks man:)
May 10, 2004   10:50 AM PDT
hey are you aparna?? hmm nyways thanks for coming by:) Oh ho sure she is helluva lucky to have me:P hmm not a baed idea..oh very bad idea. He only listens to stupid ol folk songs, not sure about bhajans though. Your comment is the best:)
May 10, 2004   10:50 AM PDT
Hmm hanslo hanslo..jab tumhare saath hoga tab main bhi hasunga:P And thanks for the compliments:D:D n thnx for the wishes as well:)
May 10, 2004   10:49 AM PDT
Hey chked ur post :), yes jay, i know the importance of this period. But i think i have wasted quite valuable time now:) Lets hope i can ammend it later on..but i know it will be difficult:)
May 10, 2004   10:49 AM PDT
Hey thnks for coming by Sarang.Hey man you are an uncle to me..heheheh, joking ..thanks for ur golden words:D
May 10, 2004   10:49 AM PDT
AH FYI Somersault, its no game ..its reality..hihihihahahahahaa
Hmm phillum, tu bhi aa rahi hain kya;)
Thnx for the wishes and for explaining ur previous comment:D
May 10, 2004   10:49 AM PDT
Thanks man..well lets see:)
May 10, 2004   10:48 AM PDT
thanks Tan:)
May 10, 2004   10:48 AM PDT
May 10, 2004   10:48 AM PDT
Oh man u can speak bong..eh;) Thanks
May 10, 2004   10:48 AM PDT

@Sumit S
hey thanks for the wishes Sumit:)
May 10, 2004   10:47 AM PDT
Thanks mubeen . Well i hope for the same:D:D
May 10, 2004   10:47 AM PDT
hey long time no see:D n thanks for the wishes.
May 10, 2004   10:47 AM PDT
hey thanks Megs for the wishes, n thanks for writing that excellent post:) best of all the posts till date;)
May 10, 2004   10:47 AM PDT
Hmm hey come on i dont have exams and i have lots of free time to waste:P, hmm drivers will never change I guesS:P
May 10, 2004   10:47 AM PDT
hey mona:D:D:D. Hmm well I like to look for fun even in annoying incidents:P Well paper works are still bit left, and i hope to complete them ASAP:) n thanks for the wishes:):)
May 10, 2004   10:46 AM PDT
The marks u got, even I wont let u part with your own marksheet:P Thanks:)
May 10, 2004   10:46 AM PDT
Pain in the A*** man ..its a real pain. Hmm i thougt REC's were changed to NIT's , dint knew that NIIT's are also called as REC's:P..hmm the blog, she wont belive it that its my blog:D
May 10, 2004   10:46 AM PDT


Thanks Meera. Ya ya pehle apne pakke hue story sunane se tumhe phursat toh mile, phir bolna about talking to my mom:P Lets hope that things are better for me in the future:)
May 10, 2004   10:45 AM PDT

LOL Smita, I would try n avoid VF n company as far as possible.( I can also see that VF is hitting u:P). Thanks!!
May 9, 2004   10:10 PM PDT
@CC: reply, to the comments, buddy, All are getting excited hehe.. Usko AITO dekhau kya re..
May 9, 2004   10:07 PM PDT
Hey Robert: I did not name u. And abt being spokesperson, it is upto me, what i write, what I do. Why u get so pricked so quickly chill. CC is a long time good friend of mine, and I wud say or speak whatevr i want to. Don't mess around, and take my name based on certain assumptions. Chall chall Hawa aan de...
Name Ritu
May 9, 2004   08:19 PM PDT

I need some help and information and was wondering if you could help me, or direct me to someone who might be able to help me. There is a news company interested in doing a few news bits in West Bengal. Two of these are in Clacutta itself: A man called Tapan Dey who can write/do calligraphy with both his hands and his feet.
The other is the girl in the Hoogly district who was married to a dog last year, to stave of bad luck.

And just out of curiousity, would we need to travel to Purulia to meet the Anand Margi sect people or could they be found in Kolkata too?

I am really hoping that you'd be able to help me out. Or at least direct me to someone who might be able to help me out.

This is my email: ritu@brightentheworld.org

Please let me know if you can think of something, or mail me if you want more information about the company/me.

May 9, 2004   07:26 PM PDT
Tan, let CC object if he wants to. Are you the spokes-person for this blog too?
May 9, 2004   06:45 PM PDT
browsed thru ur blog. really interesting posts u kiddo:P
May 9, 2004   12:30 PM PDT
Oye CC reply to ur comments I see ur educational consultant is bak. Kya paka tha re woh, khud initiative leke...!! hehe..
May 9, 2004   11:16 AM PDT
Oh damn IIT pppl ...u missed my intelligent lil brother...another pranshu in the making heheheh :D:D:D:D...are dude dontya worry its just a platform .. u have something in that oopar ka mala hehehe and it anyway will take you to heights... and of all u have my wishes wid u ;-)
May 8, 2004   11:31 PM PDT
ha ha ha...as usual a hilarious post by sweetu...thats the reason why i love ur blog :). well, ur principal is a lucky one who has sucha courteous n well mannered student :D. Next time try some rocking music in ur car. It might help ur driver :D. The poor lazy officers dunno that a storm is coming to their college ;).
May 8, 2004   10:51 PM PDT
hehe.... cant help laughing ... u knw something.. u write funny-ingly beautiful... its actually fantastic... dumb driver. head bitch..jerk... hehe.... tooo sweet... keep it updear.... n belated haappy bday to ur mom.. :)
jay menon
May 8, 2004   05:39 AM PDT
hey CC boy
so we both have something in common, today its my momz bday too, check out my post, nd IIT thing........if u dint prepare for it, then u wont get, so try to figure out what u need for future and start perparing for it, this is a crucial period in ur life
May 8, 2004   02:17 AM PDT
Hey cc, am here from Meera's blog.
Don't let the IIT result stop you. There would be far more oppurtunities and instances in the years to come where you can prove yourself. Have faith , work hard and remain focussed.
My God, i sould like an uncle here,
whatever,.....its the truth.
Cheers buddy.
May 8, 2004   12:49 AM PDT
it just means.... you, mr. D, mr. driver, ms. head bitch, etc etc. are all lazy bums brought together by the game of fate....

good material for a hindi masala fillum i say ;)

plus u can always add the senti ma-beta scene :D

happy bday to ur mum btw :)
May 7, 2004   11:32 PM PDT
appy budday CC's mommy !! ...:)
.its ok CC ...try for IIT only if u are interested in engg.....
May 7, 2004   08:45 PM PDT
@CC: Happy birthday to aunty. and btw i see ur bro is back on the blog. isn't that a great gift..!!
May 7, 2004   07:05 PM PDT
lazy bums galore....
May 7, 2004   06:09 PM PDT
"Shuvo Jonmodin!" to your dear mother. Bonne Fete!

sumit s
May 7, 2004   05:40 PM PDT
CC ! Happy Birthday to your Mom :) .. Help her have a blast !! :)
n EnJoI - m Sure there r better things ahead !! All The Best !
May 7, 2004   05:31 PM PDT
CC-hey u put things in a real nice way!! n loved this post-nope it was anythin but boring! n btw happy belated b'day to ur mom!! n hey im sure there's something better in store for u!!!
May 7, 2004   05:06 PM PDT
hehhehe laughed my fucking arse off at this one!!! happy b'day to auntyji! ;)
May 7, 2004   04:48 PM PDT
hehhe! damn these forms! hey dnt fret 4 iit, moi sure u'll get thru sth better!! Good luck! and happie bday 2 ur mom!!!!!!!! *sooo many bdayz in d blogworld nowadays!aaah!when wil mine come :(*
May 7, 2004   04:26 PM PDT
hm...yeah but then atleast u've bin regular...which i've not....but these past few days have been good....drivers...duhhh they are irritating most of the time..:D:D..nice post will be up in sometime..check it out:D:D
May 7, 2004   04:09 PM PDT
Glad to see you're back bro :D Miss your posting so much :P hahaha very very funny experiences upss sorry actually it's very very annoying experieces :P Hope you will complete those paper works soon, I hate paper works as well. Happy Bday for your Mom :)
May 7, 2004   03:28 PM PDT
haha...nice... i remember 4 some reason my school din wanna part wth the result sheet..dey loved my results :P
hehe..anywy..good luck :)
May 7, 2004   03:20 PM PDT
What is with documents getting signed?....its a pain everytime u need to get documents signed.

Dont worrt abt IIT. U always have NIIT. And appy bday to u r mom. Surprise her by showing her your blog and make her proud.
May 7, 2004   03:02 PM PDT
happy b'day to ur mom...send her my regards :) btw i'll DEFINITELY TALK TO HER ONE DAY...lol.....and u cannot stop me...dont worry about IIT...i'm sure there r better things 4 u ahead.......hugggggggggggggsssss :)
May 7, 2004   02:49 PM PDT
hard luck abt IIT.. but c the brighter side of it.. if u wuld hv got it, u wuld hv been in ranks of VF n company :p.. hehehe.. (i can imagine VF hitting me :D) N best luck 4 whtever new forms n exams tht u r planning 2 give!
May 7, 2004   02:48 PM PDT
lol aero. Hmm then i guess my driver broke the record for the reaching the highest speed ever:)...50 km/hr:P
May 7, 2004   02:47 PM PDT
congrats aero for the first comment on my post:P
May 7, 2004   02:16 PM PDT
abe driver ko kyon gaali de raha hai- id think 35 kmph wud be cal's equivalent of an F1 record ;)
May 7, 2004   02:15 PM PDT
me 1st- fr the 1st time :D

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