Entry: Bored Saturday, May 01, 2004

Aero did this few posts back. I am repeating it, since I have nothing else to do. I counted them;)

7      Months of blogging.
87    Posts.
5664 Visitors.
50    Links in my side section.



Blogspot blog
Mod Blog blog
Tblog blog
Interview Blog
About CC

They deleted the TBlog blog of mine..damn!!!

Mine blogs but different names;)

Moksh( I screwed up the template:P)

Sporty Guy.

All of the above mentioned links are blogs of mine. Most of them have been abandoned. I just made the blogs, because I wanted to. So any competitor's???


May 3, 2004   08:26 AM PDT
wowww what a numbers bro :) you are the winner :)
May 2, 2004   10:06 PM PDT
:).....hmmm....good ur just trying ti get creative but u r u wanna get better at it which is nice! :)
May 2, 2004   06:18 PM PDT
ya Medha:D
May 2, 2004   06:17 PM PDT
hmm not a bad idea Mehak:D
May 2, 2004   06:14 PM PDT
Hands up@Tp blogger...lol
May 2, 2004   06:14 PM PDT
when did i say that? I cant find it out anywhere???
CC..hmm well the original name is better:P hehe @Fattu
May 2, 2004   06:12 PM PDT
oh what a comment BS ..i am totally moved by the comment. AND I AM NOT GOING TO STOP BLOGGING. its that i gotta think some creative thing to write about other than day2day activities revolving around me:)
May 2, 2004   06:09 PM PDT
ufff Richa, where did ya get this idea that i m going to stop blogging? and i do care about my readers:)
May 2, 2004   06:08 PM PDT
lol,smita . thats exactly what has happened:P
May 2, 2004   06:07 PM PDT
hey meera u sound like tan in this very particular comment..and im saying this for Nth time..I AM NOT GOING..
May 2, 2004   06:06 PM PDT
hey mubeen chill out.i am not going anywhere:)
May 2, 2004   06:04 PM PDT
nah man i really counted them @aero
May 2, 2004   06:02 PM PDT
heheeh, good for me @rash:P
May 2, 2004   06:01 PM PDT
huh..dint get it n thanks for coming by somersault:)
May 2, 2004   05:53 PM PDT
lol @Aparna...sure go ahead I have a serious competitor... good lets bring it on aparnaji:D:D:D
May 2, 2004   05:52 PM PDT
hehehe, tan Ya moksh blog to completly ROCKS..specially the taggie:P
who is MD@TAn?
aur meera??? hmm bahut danger lag raheli hain:P
May 2, 2004   05:50 PM PDT
lol meg, I am ur fan:D
May 2, 2004   05:19 PM PDT
my boreom rubbing off on u? droll.
May 2, 2004   04:24 PM PDT
getting bored....cum to doon for a vacation !! will have fuuunnnnnn!
TP Blogger
May 2, 2004   03:47 PM PDT
hey bored guy...wassup?
May 2, 2004   01:42 PM PDT
Why did you use a screw driver for your blog? you said you screwed! CC means Clap clap!! b there on blogs. you asked me start one.
May 2, 2004   01:06 PM PDT
umm btw may i ask whts going in ur mind...first u say u have been put thru a schedule whr u have only an hr to be on comp/net n now ur like i wont be regular in blogging like wht r u upto may i know....u need to get this straight u know u cannot just disregard ur space online...its associated with many people n u cant just be indifferent to them :) no im serious...:) but hey if u need to take some time off we u get think creatively n come up with good posts then its fine but i dont see why tht shud be the case cos ur posts are really good as they r....so be here ok....keep blogging.....n also....im doen with my semester :) so i shall be more regular to ur blog....:) which gives u one more reason to keep posting thats if u dont want me and others like me disappointed to come n see thrs no msg from u :) take care
May 2, 2004   10:44 AM PDT
oye cc.. u bored too??? kya re.. aisa mat kar... do keep blogging... ur writings r real nicee...... n hey, u knw..... if u stop blogging, then as meera says, wat wud happen to ur girl fans?? no no...not fair..dont stop blogging,samjhe.. ahem.
May 1, 2004   11:33 PM PDT
CC, come on.. u can't get bored of blogging!! :p
May 1, 2004   11:09 PM PDT
CC.....u blog hunk.......look at the number of girl fans!!! u better not stop blogging......u hrithik and salman of blog world :D
May 1, 2004   10:21 PM PDT
CC-U'D BETTER NOT GO AWAY!!IF U DO-I'LL START CRYING!!PLEASE DONT STOP bLOGGIN-I love ur posts!!ur one person who's always around n nobody can do that-CC think again...please,hope u reconsider ur decision!! :( :(
May 1, 2004   06:45 PM PDT
CC don temme u actually countd them- i just marooed a random guess ;)
May 1, 2004   04:22 PM PDT

May 1, 2004   04:21 PM PDT
I'd be a really string contender CC.... but alas I have no proof. I don't remember the URLs.:(
May 1, 2004   04:11 PM PDT
looks like uve been there... rather everywhere....
and done everything :)
May 1, 2004   03:28 PM PDT
Hmmm..good idea. I will do the same after my exams :)
May 1, 2004   02:37 PM PDT
CC: I lurvvvvvvvvvvvved the MOKSH blog. Btw, this a is a good job ur doin' old pal..i second the comment u deserve a BLOG life time achievement award AND also from YM for the most number of ids'. Hehe. don't take BHAO.

Btw this MEERA is very dangerous. It seems she has come out with a vengeance. hehe..OMG she called u BLOG HUNK..no wonder...with such fan list ( can we please have a PIE-chart)
MD...bachke rehna...!!!!!!!!!!!
May 1, 2004   02:02 PM PDT
hehhe! woww! I dnt get no fans on moi page 4 leavin! darn u!!!
May 1, 2004   01:31 PM PDT
hehehe thanks alak:D
May 1, 2004   01:20 PM PDT
:O:O:O..me hunk??me fans???nah meera...aankho se patti nikallo:P
May 1, 2004   01:19 PM PDT
Thanks man i think i do need it:D@avaiz
May 1, 2004   01:14 PM PDT
Sonica 1658 posts?? GOSH I GONNA COMMIT SUICIDE if i have to write so many posts.
And why do i have a feeling that you have developed a thought that im quittin blogging? Silly girl im not ..i never said that:) so dont worry and nice dialogues btw;)
May 1, 2004   01:12 PM PDT
umm hey sonica touching comment. I never guessed that I wrote so mesmerizing posts:P and thanks again.And as far as regarding meeting people are concerned. Who knows I may just pass by you and v may never even realise:)
And believe me sonica, your blog will be a hit. I am pretty sure of it:) and you wont have to steal my posts bcos one day, i will have to beg you to comment on my blog, and I will be recalling the days when u used to comment on my blog:D
May 1, 2004   01:04 PM PDT
Hey i dont manage those blogs nymore..i abandoned them@mubeen:D
and congrats for the first comment;)
May 1, 2004   01:04 PM PDT
hmm.....u seem to ve a plenty of blogs ! whoa !
May 1, 2004   12:14 PM PDT
CC......take a break if u want...but ur the hunk of the blogworld...if u leave what will happen to us...ur girl fans.....:P
May 1, 2004   12:09 PM PDT
SONICA: arey o CC kitne posts likhe hain re

CC: sonica 87 posts

SONICA: 87 posts aur 1658 comments ...bahut na insaafi hai .....ab tow tumhe 1658 posts likhne padenge

CC: 1658...nahin sonica nahin

SONICA: likhne tow padenge

CC:main tow nahin lkhta ...I HAVE GOT BORED

SONICA:achha bachchu ...bhao kha raha hai ...ab goli kha
.....................................................................................................................and yeah CC i have arranged for an AK -47 ha ha ha
May 1, 2004   11:49 AM PDT
u cant leave us in the lurch this way .....and yeah u promised me that u are going to read my blog ...didnt u ...so u got to wait till june ...... ok ok dont say that u will read my blog but stop writing urs ......now if u dont write a blog ...tow kiska matter chura-chura kar apne blog mein likhungi ......dont laugh
May 1, 2004   11:48 AM PDT
u have done so much for the upliftment of the blog community!.
U deserve a lifetime achievement 'blog'ward :-D
May 1, 2004   11:42 AM PDT
where is my AK-47 gonna kill u right away CC .......yeah u bore us but wht if we have got such used to getting bored .......and sir the only blog i read regularly is urs.....hey come down now ...... u must be happy that u bring smiles to so many people ...people who havent even met u ..people u might never meet
May 1, 2004   11:08 AM PDT
CC-Well so many blogs-how do u manage??? n cool post -
May 1, 2004   11:07 AM PDT

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