Saturday, April 24, 2004
Small Break!

Ah going on this tiny tiny break. Now a break doesnt mean that I wont be here. I will be here, reading all your blogs and commenting on them.

Now in case you are wondering, what is the reason..I will let you know if the reason is a success( No I dont have exams right now!!)
Meanwhile check out the following blogs
Avaiz ( Thanks man for the header pic:D)
English August


And CA, is it ok now?

Till my next post....

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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Arbit post and a stupid survey!!!

Music:Tanha Dil-Shaan

Good morning people. So how is life going? Hope its going on smooth and fine:) Ah thanks to all the people who commented on my last post( and slaps to those who dint:p) Really thanks a lot:)

Ok since nothing is happening in my life worth mentioning, this is going to be another stupid post. So hold on to your breath. Make sure you have the oxygen cylinders by your side. Make sure your windows are open*Shut up, CC!!*...

Now I think most of you know that I have been blogging since last August. Over this period of time, I have visited many blogs and honestly speaking, I lost the count..err..ok ok I never counted:p. But still I have visited many blogs and I have seen others attitude towards life. I have read couples breaking up and coming back together. I have read about proposing. I have read about College daysa nd first week in a particular class. I have read about Love. I have read about social issues which needs our attention. Overall it has been a wonderful time.

So I am just trying my best to scribble down some points about different blogs and bloggers. Since I am not so good with stats and dont have the resources either to conduct a survey, so this is just an random unofficial survey of the blogs I have visited till date. If you have free time, please do read and if you dont have free still READ IT!! buhaha

#Most of the bloggers know about the basics of HTML.
#All the bloggers know how to insert Links and Images in their post(Though exceptions are there)
#Few bloggers update on a daily basis.
#The usual frequency of posting in non-regular blogs is usually around 2 per week.
#Some bloggers transit from the 3rd point to the 4th point over a period of time.
#The number of blogs since August'03 had gone up tremendously over the past 8 months.
#Majority of the blogs use Nedstat counters, followed by Sitemeter counters. Bravenet and Haloscan counters are also found.
#Tagboards or Shoutboxes can be found in most of the blogs though the later is found in more larger numbers on blogs
#Most of the bloggers from India prefer to Rediffblogs over Blogdrive or anyother blogging space.
#They are boycotting foreign blogs servers:p
#Most of the present bloggers dint even knew about the existence of blogs.
#They came to know about it through chat friends or through those, who luckily knew about blogs.
#There is a slow but steady increase in young bloggers.
#Previously the blogworld was mainly dominated by people who worked in offices or who had done their post graduation.
#Majority of the bloggers are creative and have an excellent skill of writing.
#Majority of the bloggers can also write superb poems which are out of the world(sometimes out of my head as well..hehe:p)
#I wonder that why are those people who write good poems are blogging instead of publishing the poems??
#Many bloggers write arbit posts rather I should say serious stuff and only intellects who can understand them
#Slowly and slowly IITians, NITians are making out a space for them in this online world.
#Not to forget people from IIM.
#In all the major cities a bloggers meet has been conducted, where it is has been a success.
#Except for Kolkata bloggers meet. I am talking about success in the terms of headcount.I am sure the people who met for CBM had a rocking time!!
#Few bloggers have formed families.. I mean they consider other bloggers as Son, Daughter, Aunt..etc etc..which is a good thing:)
#Few bloggers dont bother to maintain the line between private and public life. For them privacy doesn't exist.
#The concept of adding songs to the blog isnt much in use.
#There are some non-bloggers who dont blog but regularly read other blogs.
#These non-bloggers get inspired and start a blog of their own.
#Some people have great fun about bitching people, criticizing their post, abuse them.
#These people do blog, but just dont have the guts to leave their URL's behind
#Some of the male bloggers think that they are some sort of hunk, and tend to snatch the limelight from the others.
#Same with the female bloggers.
#Some of the bloggers emotionally attach themselves to their blogs, which is the most stupid thing to do.
#Through blogs most of the people make new friends..who go on to be their best friends.
#Few make enemies.
#Bloggers of a particular city SUCK like anything.But exceptions are there:)
#Every 1 of 5 people who read the above points will believe in them.
#The other 4 SHOULD also believe in the above points or I am going beat them black and

Thanks for tolerating me:)!!!!

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Monday, April 19, 2004
Of Masti, 18th April and Looks

Ah this is going to be a long post....hope so:p

Well lets start from Sunday the 18th. I had my IIT selections, and I have very thin margin of making it through as Physics was terrible..i could attempt only 2 questions as most of it was of 11th, which I unfortunately dint prepare for the exam. Lets hope for the best. Nah..dont hope, as I have NIL chance to clearing the Mains..buhaha
As I am a late latif..I reached 10 mins before the scheduled time at my examination centre (St Xavier's College). Now I saw my room number was 25. But I went in a vicious round-a-about circle in the same floor, where there was no sign of 20's...15,16,17,18...where the heck is 25? Then a lunatic informed that its on the second floor. RUN RUN RUN!! 5 mins to go... While ascending the staircase..I SLIPPED!!! Courtesy my chappals, without proper grip..buhaha.
Reached my exam hall and took my respective seat. Just a look around, and I felt like a crow in bunch of Swans. Everybody looked like studious type(With high powered lenses, unshaved beard, unkept hair)..look at me..clean gel..metal watch..gawd!!! The invilgilator was shouting some crap shit about the exam which I was least bothered to listen as I was looking at the walls of the room. From Love poems to Constitution, everything was written. Anyways gave my exam and came out. Met some other folks of my school. Everybody's paper(physics) sucked.
Then had another exam from 2.30pm and right now was around 1.15pm. Shameless me!! I went to Pizza hut again to see if Sriti was there..buhahaha, she wasnt there:( Stuffed the HOT n SPICY pizza in my mouth and left for the other centre. That exam also went good. Better than IIT. That exam was about Hotel Management. It's my backup case I dont get somewhere else...buhahaha

Around 6.00 pm reached my place. Took a bath and lied down. But then dad came about and informed me about the evening plans.Huh!!? What plans?. He said that we were going to watch Masti...WHAT??!!!??!!? MASTI?!?!?!?!?! *yaiy n SHIT* Yaiy, since I was dying to see that film and shit ...MY PARENTS WITH ME WATCHING MASTI..what else I could ask for?
We reached INOX(multiplex in cal) around 9pm. Since the show was from 9.30pm, so I thought of conducting an CC survey.
"How many people are perfect in looks"
Ummm...I think I must have have stared atleast 15 girls and 7 guys (no no, I am straight). Well I can conclude that, the number of people who are perfect in this world are numbered(in looks). Everybody had some kinda shortcoming. Like there was one who had a big nose. Another one was short like hell, and still had a 5 inch heel. When a girl smiled(no not at me:P) her 32 were out(thats why Julia roberts sucks!!) Then there was one who had a horse like face, I meant a long face. Guys..hmm well, not everybody is perfect after all. But, that little of defect in our looks makes us unique. Unique in a way, that only we have it. But it depends on the attitude of the person having the 'shortcoming' of not being "PERFECT". Nobody is perfect. Now people who are in love, will say that their mates are Perfect. But some other guy/gal may find loads of mistakes or 'defects' in that same mate. In love, you really dont see what is on the outside. For this reason, I find the concept of "love at first sight"... bogus. Because at that very moment you are looking at his/her face, his/her dimples, his/her smile, his/her hair...etc etc. But after you really get to know that guy/gal, you will realise that he isnt the Prince/Princess you were looking for. There were many couples roaming around,hand in hand, carrying an innocent smile, and showing a of Mush mush feeling. Are they really made for each other? Afterall they havent met all the guys/gals in this world! But if they think that their mate is perfect..why not? This reminds me.. I AM STILL SINGLE....buhahaha, but I guess I am far more happier than my friends who arent "single".

But then .....who cares...I always believed that, If it's for me..It will be with me matter how much does it take...1 day,1 week,1 month,1 year,1 decade,1 century.... I can still wait....if its meant for me. But again I contradict myself saying" Untill I try to get it, how can I get it. How can I just leave it on fate. When we eat the food, or someone else feeds us, we have to eat the food, the body has to digest the food. Nothing cant be achieved without trying for it. I am not god that it will come to me by itself, I have reach for it, go for it. But then I start thinking, where should I begin from? In order to solve a problem one needs to know how to approach the problem. If the approach is wrong, the procedure will surely will be wrong and the end result cant be achieved accurately and correctly. But then approaching the problem in a correct manner, doesnt solve the problem. Proper application is needed. We have made a start, but application is also very important.GAWWD I AM GOING OFF THE TOPIC!!!

So I was saying that, none is perfect. Its upto us to look at their imperfectness as uniqueness.

Ah so finally the movie started at 9.35 pm. Well I dont know what my parents thought of the movie, but I liked it...well wont lie..It was a timepass movie,with loads of fun and laughter. Afterall Aftab has a nick-Despo and Riteish-Phatu(LOL) I am totally against of the concept of having an extra maritial affair. But then who's fault is it? Is it because of the wife/hubby that she/he cant keep her/him happy, which results in seeking "happiness" from an external source. In the film Affairs are referred to as Biriyani and Wifes as Dal...LOL..well I hope I can be faithful to my wife..shit.. I WILL BE!!!

Gawd, dont I think too much. I dont even have a GF right now, and I am thinking of my wife....buhahaha...hehehehe
Look at the second hand of your watch and then at the hour hand of your watch. What do you see?

PS:- Sorry for writing a crappy post..afterall I am in a crappy mood after all...BUHAHA
Cant anyone listen to the song playing in the background? Sheesh..:(:(:(

Buhahha, I cut my hair off.........what a devastating news for the whole of humankind.....We are at a terrible grief.
In case you are wondering whats the fuss about, ask Shadow n Vaish:P

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Thursday, April 15, 2004
A post!!!

Happy New Years day to all...Belated though or should I say Shubho Nabobarsho( in bengali) ek hi baat hain:P. Ah just another 'routine' day. Got up at 6 am...gosh I generally wake up around 11.00-11.30 am. Went(Read sent) to the market to buy vegetables. It was strange that the diff vegetables I saw, most of them were green in colour.. and that cheat vendor took 3 bucks extra for the onion's. Galtiyon se hi Insaan sikhta hain(Humans learn from their mistakes)
Watched the match before I dozed off again. Come on 6 am!!!! I gotta sleep again:P. Woke up, saw the match again, Dravid n VVS bhai were running between 6 wood sticks after hitting a round thing with a straight thing:P. Took my lunch, came up and again saw the same thing going on. Gosh dont they get tired doing the same thing over n over n over? Me got tired of watching the same thing, and again dozed off...Gosh 6 am!!!! Ya ya I am whining too much over the 6 am thing:P.
In the evening went to Pizza Hut. Just as expected it was full of people. So just went to check out the clothes in Pantaloons. Hmm brought a perfums Mister President...buhaha what a filthy smell...yuck. Yups I forgot to smell it:(
Anyways around 9.30pm went back to Pizza hut and was half filled. Quickly took a table. The people who serve food over there smile a lot. A LOT means REALLY A LOT. The girl(:D) who was taking our orders was looking at me and smiling her way to glory, and I was more stupid....I smiled back at her. But me shameless fellow kept looking at her small mole on her right cheek. God it looked good on her so did her smile. Whenever she made an eye contact..she smiled( god help me...i really felt embarrased) I think she was having a pity on me...buhaha. I think her name was Sriti. Nice name And there was a girl who was celebrating her bday.Man they do celebrate birthdays in Pizza hut style. Gosh still cant stop thinking of the girl...oh its 9.30 Rountine routine..catch ya guys later:)

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Monday, April 12, 2004
Well, I guess gotta do alternatives:(

Wondering what is the heading all about? Dont worry it will be clear after you are done with the post.

Last week, I went for a "counselling" program, which was supposed to find out my interests and in which field I could really do well. But the crooks changed my whole damn life and my dad supports them too and to some extent I think that, yes they are correct....perhaps.

Now according to the tests which I appeared for, my mathematical and logical( CC --> Logic!!!! It's illogical) scores were high in respect to others. So they suggested the course for me...which I am LEAST INTERESTED IN PURSUING as higher studies. Booo hooo....they suggested Computer Science in college and a strict NO-NO for engg(i guessed that last year!!) But computers!!!!....well umm..certainly NO!! I told them that computer's aint for me as I am pretty poor in computers and I just manage to pass in school.

Another point was that they did my personality assesement. Well the reports said that I was an emotional person, who is unbalanced and MY PERSONALITY IS HAMPERING MY CAPABILITIES. Due to my this personality, I cant utilise my capabilities to the full potential as one should. SO I SHOULD CHANGE RIGHT NOW. They suggest a routine for me....duh!!!

According the new routine(waah I am gonna live on a routine made by some weirdo, when I dint follow the routine when my dad made it!!) I can get the computer only from 10-11pm at nite...GOSH!!..Life couldnt suck more than this:(. This means I cant go blog-hopping or cant even read other blogs. Bye Bye to Yahoo Messenger. Afterall I get only 1 hour of computers in the WHOLE 24 HRS in A DAY!!!!...I feel so pissed off.

I sincerely hope that I can hold on to this routine. In total I have do in total 98 activities(sleeping,eating,studies..blah blah) in one week. If I get to do that, the guy asked my dad to give me 800 bucks!!! (bless that guy), and if I my activity count is less than 83 i get 75 bucks in a month!! (Curse that guy)...well sorry folks and all the people. Dont expect regular comments from me....1 GOD DAMN HOUR!!!!!
Miss you all......

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Thursday, April 08, 2004
Finally ..its here!!!

OH yessss...finally i have it!! Its been a long wait for this thing to happen. I have seen this thing happening on many other blogs, and  I just wondered how can people get into that state of mind. Well I guess, I was wrong. I am feeling so happy. I guess I have joined the imaginary club where all the bloggers irrespective of their caste, sex, religion, region, race etc etc from blogworld have joined it. I am just wondering is it good or bad? I dont know how long will this thing last..hope it doesnt last too long. Just in case you were wondering what has happened to me or what on earth I am writing about...I HAVE A WRITER'S BLOCK( thats's the term i guess) ...I am feeling sooooo happy..Finally I feel like a complete blogger. Sounds like a typical hindi movie dialogue Ek aurat poori tarah se aurat banti hain jab woh MAA ka roop dharan karti hain (something like that)..isnt it?

My post wont be complete without mentioning about Mr. Ansh Gujral...err Mr Ansh Virani...err..i dunno:(. Yes the 5th child of Mihir and Tulsi Virani(They should be slapped with the case of violation of family planning) has returned to Shantiniketan (the house where the virani's stay) after 24 yrs or something. Here is a short description of Mr Ansh Gujral...err Mr Ansh Virani..whatever

This self proclaimed hunk( i think he was a model before) completely suits the potrait of a spoilt brat, without maa ka pyaar( Mother's love), baap( Aditya Gujral) ka beshumar daulat aur taakat( Dad's money and power) ka akela vaaris....paanch gadiyon ka driver.. i mean owner. He doesnt care a shit about anyone's personal life and has a belief that money can give you all the things one needs in life( ya it can get me a merc...hehe). So basically he is a typical spoilt brat.

So few weeks back, Tulsi did her award winning, critic's choice open mouthed, closed eyes, buhahaha-ing perfomance in front of Ansh...but Ansh dint even bother to her( Just thinking how did Ansh TOLERATE her award winning, critic's choice open mouthed and closed eyes, buhahaha) usual he jokes her buhaha off. After all those haan n naa's, the good news is that Ansh has returned( i told that before i think...sympton#1 of having a writer's block). I think he is trying to act good so that he can win Nandini's trust( He has a "thing" for her).

Another news from the Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii...our not so dear-arch rival of Tulsi's buhahaha's-tough competitor of moral's Parvati met with an accident( i think its too early to be presumed that its an accident..mite be a forced one:P). Her face was badly damaged and YES YOU GUESSED IT RITE..she had a plastic surgery for her face..and we have a new Parvati, who is much thinner, has a husky voice short hair.....I think plastic surgeries are getting cheaper n cheaper day by day ...its hightime that I should also undergo a surgery...hmm whom should i go for..Big B, Small B, No B?? or Tom cruise, John  Travolta, Nicolas cage...or Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein or Hitler???

And who say's I m having a writer's block..what a crappy first para..duh!!!!
Check out the links added

Blue Sparkles
Prerna/Shomir and

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Oh a post:P

For the those who are even little bit interested in computer gaming may like the following post. Otherwise in particular its my routine which I have been following since 20th of March'04 and I think I seriously need to think about it.

I will start from the morning. It may get extemely dirty;) are not allowed to read.

1. From anywhere between 11.30 am to 12.30 pm I get up in the morning. The thing to be noted is that, although the alarm is set at 8 am , I keep on snoozing it, finally I get up when the maid( her voice is DISGUSTING) starts blah blah blah. And if by any chance there is no current at our place the sleeping time may increase by 45 mins(ya i tend to sleep more if there is no current:P)

2. First thing after getting up--> I curse myself for getting up so late. Then I run my fingers through my hair so its looks more proper and arranged.
Note: When my front hair is pulled out straight, it reaches my lowers lips:D

3. Then I get up from the bed, and the very next thing I find that I am sitting in the front of my computer(browsing the net) with small dust particles in front of my eyes.(Read dust on my specs:P)

4. As soon as my mom finds that the line is busy, she starts shouting...CC, jao giye mukh dhuyenao( Go and wash ur face aka brush your teeth). Now on more than several occasions I felt bit embarrased when Vaish asked me whether I had brushed my teeth..Alas! I am a shameless fellow, and I say NO , trying to suppress my waves of laughter.....LOL

5. Then if my guilty conciousness pricks me HARD, then I go and brush my teeth or else I brush my teeth sharp at 1.58pm(because my mom is a regular of Kumkum and Bhabhi...yuck yuck yuck)

6. Soon as I gulp down my lunch, I run up to my room and fix myself in front of my computer, while my mom shouts at her top voice to leave the phone(yup i m on the net:P)

7. When the mosquitoes start to bite me I realise that its evening and must take my bath before my dad returns from his office...RUN RUN RUN!!!!

8. Then I sit down to play my two new acquisitions....Need for Speed 6: Hot Pursuit 2, and Age of Mythology(pirated ofcourse...hope that Microsoft and Electronic Arts officials arent reading my post :-S)

Need for Speed:
This is the best car racing game I HAVE EVER PLAYED. As it is I luve cars, so I luuuve the game as well. This game is a sequel to the following series:
*Need for Speed 1
*Need for Speed 2
*Need for Speed 2:SE
*Need for Speed 3:Hot Pursuit
*Need for Speed 4:High Stakes
*Need for Speed 5:Porsche Unleashed

Before I played NFS6:HP2 my fav among the following was NFS3:HP. The game has amazing tracks and cool cars to choose from. But the catch is, I have to unlock the cars by winning points. My aim is to unlock the Mercedes CLK-GTR which costs  a whopping 850000, and I have only 178234..*sob sob*...but I have a long way to go and so many events to win as well *grin*

9. After I get bored over winning each and every event its generally around dinner time:D. But it doesnt stop there. After having my dinner , I return to my room and vrooooooooooooooooooooooom I am again playing the game. And I end up playing(or chatting) till 3.30- 4 am in the nite.

Then once again I enter the never ending loop of the stupid routine...hmmm...must think about it.

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Friday, April 02, 2004
You have a mail

Oh boy oh boy. I got a mail. For your information, I hardly do get any mails from my friends or acquaintances. People who are using do know that yahoo and msn messengers have the in-built option that they get updates if they receive any mail. Since I log on to YM every now and then to see who is online or if any new mails. Everytime I get an update, it gives me a hope that I have received a mail from somebody. MY heart beats faster and faster(since i dont get mails), an air of uneasiness envelopes me, I curse the low bandwith and speed of BSNL, my ISP( i begged papa to get an Cable connection..but NO), i look up at the ceiling to check whether the fan is running on full speed since I am sweating while giving an occasional and tensed diagonal glance to the computer screen. Still the green bar is desperately trying to reach the end of the box within which it is fitted(supposed to give an approximate idea about the KB's loaded). Finally the moment of glory is here. I look specifically at the number alongside "Inbox" among the numerous advertisements and promotional offers displayed on that page. My pulse is going faster, sweating(as it is hot and humid in cal)...licking the drops of perspiration above my upper lips( what?? i like the taste*;)*)...I click on the "inbox" link it seems that time has stopped( courtesy my ISP)...suddenly I feel choked, cheated. All the licking of perspiration goes to waste. Its JUNK MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...arrrrrrrrrrgggggh. Junk mail is also known as spam mail. I really feel bad after reading the headers. I wish it could happen..some them read like these:

1. CC, you have been enlisted to win a brand new sparkling jaguar sports cars!!!!
2. Congrats CC, you have won the All the America Online lottery worth 3.5 million dollars...waaaaaa
3. CC, someone wants to date you online..chk her out....hmmmm....*best junk mail*;)
4. CC, Amazing here to chk it out (never found out the "amazing" offer as never clicked on it..hehe)
5. CC, Get a Nokia 7600 or Nokia 6600 when you take a connection with Vodafone...hmm those brits are damn lucky.

I really wish i could get any one of the above. If I am not wrong, it was many yrs back(read 4) that we got internet connection at our place. Me and my bro used to check the site and hotmail. I can still recall when I got my first mail(read JUNK) with the header..congrats you have won a car. Believe it or not, I clicked on the link and went to the site and filled up all my details. Name, address, sex, city, street. Then suddenly got stuck ...STATE...i searched for West Bengal,but in vain*:(*. All of these were US states. Still I frown over these junk mails.

I thought of putting up blocks from unknown email addresses but cant, as I am waiting for the mail which will read

"CC, congrats you have won a Merc from the state of west bengal...."
Someday I hope this email will come .....someday..ahem ahem....guess  I am a dreamer;)

Moral of the post:
1. Never get hyped if you have any mails.
2. Try to go to US , by hook or by an hijacked plane..hehe
3. Pray that you can get some "proper" mail among the junk mails.
4. CC should stop writing about junk mails in his blog as it is a public blog
5. CC should ask( read plead, beg,throw tantrums,cry like a 5yr old, banging on the table) his dad to get a cable connection.


And before I forget...check out Rebecca's site, I think the first bengali blogger from Germany and a Die hard Indian team fan.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
The K

Now I have written something related to this type of post few months back, when I had nothing else to write. If you want to read this post you better bring a cup of hot coffee or tea or sit with a pillow by you in case you can doze off while reading this. If you are still thinking what am I going to write dont think much. Just think about it?? Yes, the series which has torchered millions(including me) but still topped the serial ratings( I think they paid a large amount of bribe). Come rain or shine I never miss the K-series( because my mom likes it,  co-incidentally but unfortunately the TV is in my room, so I HAVE TO WATCH IT). So I just thought about sharing my tales of miseries with you. This post will come in handy for ppl who are missing the K-series, because they are away from home(read hostelites) and those who cant access the TV( Man they are so lucky!!!)

These serials below constitute the K-Series on Star Plus
1. Kasauti Zindagi kii.
2. Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki.
3. Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi.
4. Kahiin to hoga.
5. Kahin kissi Roz.

I have written about 3 before, and on request(read pleading) of Shadow, I am going to write on Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki. Now if I sit to write about the whole story of KGGK then it will be longer than the Ramayana, and perhaps the readers will end up in an asylum. So I will just introduce you to the main characters and write a short para on the current happenings in the serial.SO ARE YOU READY TO GET BORED!!!!!!!!

Following the trend of the other serials this too has gone an time warp of 20 yrs, so that they can 'move on' with the slow and extemely boring storyline. One thing still amazes me about the K-series that even after jumping ahead of time nothing changes. No wrinkles, no specs,no natural deaths....and not a single white hair?? Now we are talking about some serious stuff of staying young.

Parvati is the bahu(daughter-in-law) who has always supported the truth, and sacrifice a lot for it. Lead her life on strict humanitarian disciplines and stuff (uses loads of hair oil as well or is it gel?). She always wear gorgeous sari's, lots of jewellery, and high sandals and of course lots of buhahaha's
The adarshwadi hubby of Parvati. He too has sacrificed a lot for his family. Seen many up's and downs in life, but never gave up. Well, he always trusted his  wife more than himself, and loved her too. But they also had fights over petty things. Afterall they are also human beings;)

The beautiful daughter of Parvati. Well she is short heighted in comparison with other family member's and has a rough voice. She had a best friend Monalika. This Monalika was in turn the daughter of Om's younger bro, Ajay. Ajay was killed by his own wife. Monalika was then adopted by Pallavi who is a main vamp in this serial. Pallavi was the wife of Kamal( Om's another bro). Since Pallavi was a vamp and Monalika was brought up by her..she also turned into a vamp and always tried to harm Shruti, who was her sister. But when the Agarwal family comes to know about the real identity of Monalika, they accept her as a family daughter.But Shruti was never comfortable in her presence. Now Shruti is in love with Aryan(read below about him). Due to some reasons first the Agarwal family couldnt accept the marraige of Shruti & Aryan. So after initial hiccups they do agree to the marraige. But a new problem arises. Monalika is pregnant and Aryan is the cause. The whole family doesnt accept the fact as the tests proved that Monalika was lying(Obviuosly the reports were changed)..but, hold on your breaths..Parvati believed what Monalika told. That's what I call blindfaith. There is lot of buhhhaaaa's in the serial and lots of Muah muah's as well but the former wins hands down.

Aryan, the 6'2 jerk with an extraordinary nose which is poking out of his face is in love with Shruti. Aryan is the son of Sanjay Doshi and Ambika, who again are the villains in the story and tried to harm the Agarwal family, but in the end..jeet hamesha sachai ki hoti hain( Truth always wins!!!). FYI, Sanjay had tried to molest Parvati some 22yrs back, when Om beat the living hell out of him. Ambika also tried to ruin Om's life but failed miserably. Since Sanjay and Ambika were rivals of Agarwal family, they get married so that they could destroy the fame of Agarwal family!!!! But the truth always in the end, though after taking a beating from the bad;)...hehe

Getting back to the main line of the story..
So now SD appears to be a nice guy(think he is pretending) who agrees to the marraige of Shruti and Aryan. But due to Monalika, there were several which no one agree's except for Parvati. Since I dint catch the last episode of KGGK, I am not sure what happened last week( hehe me was chatting with a friend..well I think she is my friend..not sure from her end).

Now if you people read this crap at all, I think you must be bored to hell or trying to jump off the balcony...yeah without the serials life could have been lot better. IS it? Do we need these types serials which are women oriented. I am not saying making these serials are bad. But do we really need these serials which potray women as close to some divine power who sacrifice every now and then. Men also play an equally important part in her daily life. No one see's what is happening to the male kind. Till date not a single serial has been produced which is male oriented. Women do sacrifice a lot, a lot means alot, but does this mean that men are just mere spectators in this world? I think these serials are made for commercial purpose only, for making money.

* If it had been opposite, I mean the guys from the previous ages where torchered by women. The men were told to follow the purdah system!!! They received no education at all. In short the guys would have suffered what the gals had..wondering what the K-series would be called as...
1. Kyunki Damaad bhi kabhi sasur tha
2. Kahaani pati pati ki............
3. kahiin to sukh hoga( after being torchered by their wifes)

Note: This post has been dedicated to our Pujaniya ,Adarniya lawyer Shadowji and Mriduji with full shraddha and respect.( I dint mean any of the flattering words to them mind u;))




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Sunday, March 28, 2004
A post...

The chat world, a new and 'weird' place to make new but unknown friends. Yahoo messenger and MSN chat rooms were alien's for me till around July '03. I still cant believe that I used to communicate with school friend's with whom I shared my daily laugh's and played all kind's of tricks during the school hour's;)

But suddenly, the chat room bug caught up with me. Hence started my golden and unforgettable days of chatting. Made some 'friends'...and a very good friend. Now I dont think that you people are dumb enough to understand what would I mean when I say, I always looked for "Cool" id's.Now since I always entered the Calcutta Chat room's what I found was the bengali sick people chatting in bengali. It was utterly disgusting to see those bengali chat guys. They were the biggest yuck people I have ever seen in yahoo chat room's. As far as I can recall the very first girl with whom I had chatted was from Siliguri( its not so near to kolkata..but rather close to Bagdogra). At first I found her pretty interesting...but with time passing away, I realised that we were opposite poles(ok opposite attract...but we were way tooo far to attract = being friends). Then most probably I chatted with another girl on 6th of july.There were two reason's for which I can recall the date.
1)It was just two days after my bday.
2)On that very day, I was going to attend Karma Yatra. KY is a interschool fest organised by Egoistic and head-held-higher than WTC, and wearing nurse's and ward boy's clothes...LMG AND LMB...dont ask the full form. It's disgusting to write it over here.

Though I exchanged number's with some of them after 2-3 months of struggle( one of them asked for me in 3 weeks wow wow wow).Now I talked with 4 of them in the last year.Some ppl gave me their number's but with a strict warning..."ONLY SMS, no CALL's"...girls girls girls(Reminds of Sukhbir's song..girls girls girls...From east to west, London to paris...Indian girls are the best..I object.Read below for my objection)

Now one of them called me up not a fine day, but on a rainy day.Not exactly her, but her friend called me up. Now lemme tell you..she had a very good. But this was only the upper layer. As I came to know about them, i felt disgusting and pathetic. The girl with whom I had chatted was not so good.My real name meaning and her's name matched....both meaning Lotus. Now I am not sure whether she was a lotus or not...but a spoilt brat for sure.I will call her Tantra Girl from now, as I had nicked her.For those who are from outside cal..Tantra is a hip-hop nite club. Call me backward, conservative or traditional...but I dont like night club's. It's a awful place to be. .

Now the boy's friend circle she had...wasnt that good either. Now there was a guy in her friend circle who was coincidentally from our school. This guy mixed with local goons of some locality, and perhaps was addicted to drugs. Even she knew about all these thing's she claimed that they were good friends, and there is NO HARM in taking drugs. Few weeks when we were having a chat on the phone, all of a sudden she and her friend started coughing. I asked her what was wrong. The reply that came was absolutely shocking for me....She was smoking. She also told me that her friend had asthma due to excess of smoking. What I am going to do with this girl??

I snapped out of the dream world, and started to avoid her.But the asthma friend still call's me up for some reason I dont have any idea. Though I like her voice...but I am not sure. She called me up today morning only..but for some reason I avoided her call. Now I put in a lot, atleast in friendship and stuff. But now I am feeling bad, that I am not giving my best in the relationship??..Is it  friendship at all?? Or am I assuming it to be a friendship?

Just some unanswered questions.
Check out this.


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