Monday, May 10, 2004
What??Look down

Adios. Will be back.

PS- I feel bad about the image which most of the others bloggers have formed about me and my blog. Hope 'you' are getting my point. I feel so low for 'your' comment:(

PSS- This break is not related to 'that' person and please dont ask who 'that' person is, as I wont be able to take any names.

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Friday, May 07, 2004
Of the week gone by

Hi! How are you people doing? I am so sorry for my absence from my blog for quite sometime. Read on and you will understand the reason for my absence (however useless and senseless excuse it may appear to be :P)

Monday, 3rd May 2004

I had to get some documents attested by our not-so-dear headbitch of our school. I reached Birla High School at around 11.30 am. Now the whole street is generally crowded with cars and ‘young late morning walkers’. But today the street wore a deserted look. I wondered why? When I walked up to the gate of my school, the durwan (guard) sitting there lazily asked me:

D:“Kya hua?”
*What happened?*

Me: “Principal aayi hain kya?”
*Has the headbitch arrived yet?*

D: “Arre nahi. Aaj toh school bandh hain.”
*Today school is closed*

I am completely shocked. My sub-conscious mind takes me back to last evening’s (Sunday) conversation with dad. He told me that there was some kinda muslim holiday. Sheesh how could I forget that. I wasted 45 mins to travel the whole distance which meant I had deprived myself of 45 mins of the 24 hrs, which I could have utilised in sleeping or blog-hopping. Boo hoo. NO more time to waste.

“Driver warp me back to my place.”

And driver warps me back to home at a so called ‘fast’ speed of 35 km/h when the whole road was empty and bare. DUMB!!

Guide to key-terms:
Head Bitch- Principal.

Tuesday, 4th May 2004

Once again the ordeal continued. I went back to school to get my documents attested. I asked the jerk to pass the documents on to the principals.

J: “Hum nahi denge. Abhi mere jo jhar para hain. “
*No, I cant give the documents to her. I just got scolded by her.*

Me:” Tumhara kaam hi toh jhar khana. Tumhe aur kis baat ki paisa deta hain school wale*evil grin*
*That’s your work, to get scolded. What else do you think you get paid for*[*evil grin*]*

Jerk is still adamant. I give up finally as arguing with him wont help my cause. Neither would Taporigiri or Mamugiri. I submitted the documents with him and came back home.

“Driver warp me back to my place.”

This time I was lucky as he drove at a speed of 50km/h.DUMB!!

Guide to key terms:
Jerk- Peon out side principal’s office.

Wednesday, 5th May
The ordeal still continued. I went back to school to collect my documents. Principal was sitting in the auditorium and staring at some students performing on the stage. I think she was trying to understand what the students were doing; neither could I understand why the students were jumping on the stage wearing multi-coloured clothes and fake moustaches. So, the idea of an Annual Day function of a particular school is to make some students jump on the stage like primitive monkeys and force the other non-participating students to tolerate and cheer the performing students? While the prefects and monitors try to hush up the booing crowd?
Anyways, I got my documents finally attested. The jerk asked for some money. I gave him 10 bucks and came back to my car.

“Driver warp me back to my place”
I AM TOTALLY IRRITATED WITH MY DRIVER. HE DROVE THE CAR AT A WHOPPING, EYE POPPING, MIND BOGGLING, NERVE WRECKING, HEAD TOSSING speed of…..hold your breath, 25km/hr, even though I asked him twice to punch the accelerator which resulted in an increase of 15km/hr for about 120 seconds. DUMB!!!!!!!

And above all, my tuition sir came an hour early than his scheduled time.

Sir: Besi tara tari chole aasheni toh?
*Hope I didn’t arrive too early*

Me: Na na...%&*$&%&*$(*($&#$#&$&#^$&*^#$&
*No at all..... %&*$&%&*$(*($&#$#&$&#^$&*^#$&*

Thursday, 07 May 2004

Today I was supposed to submit the form along with the attested copies. Thus began my search for Alipur campus of Calcutta University. I searched high and low, Right and Left, Diagonally and parallel, in all directions, but in vain. Then a white donkey, sipping tea from an earthen pot, came to my rescue sporting black goggles, carrying a revolver. Yes, you are correct, a traffic sergeant.

So I arrived at my destined building. That building gave me a brief idea about the caves and destroyed buildings of the medieval age. It was a perfect archaeological site. It could develop a crack by a cat’s meow or a dog’s bark could bring it down. I took my each step cautiously as I advanced towards the room, on which was written..
“Submit forms here. Time ^^.30 am to 4.00pm”
*^^ wasn’t clear to me*

As soon as I entered the room, an air of laziness enveloped me. I had already started to feel that I needed to be among these lazy bums. I really want to be in here:P.
Cutting the crap out, as the post is getting out of hand and terribly boring to read as it is LONG.
The guy said that I needed my 12th admit card’s attested copy. *What the “4lettered word”*. I told him that it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the brochure we had to submit that.
“No, it was here (there???). You go and see popaly” (*I think he missed the R’s, or the R’s were muted by the pan he was chewing)*
“Ok sir, I will get back the docs attested by Monday.”
To irritate him further I asked him about the last dates of submission and the room I am supposed to come again. Exam details and blah blah. I could hear he was irritated as he was shouting at the peon who brought him a non-working pen

Today is my mom’s birthday. I hoped that I could have a better son to her. I hope she always smiles and stop whining about my manners and other 100 things. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!

And I dint make it to the IIT screening. I had no hope for it since I dint prepare for it like some other people mite have done( 2yrs of slogging) Best of luck to those who cleared it.

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Sunday, May 02, 2004
The club and 18 yrs of toiling in this world

I can finally feel that I am turning 18:D

Ok my birthday is still 2 months away but I can see its golden effects from now only. I am even thinking of opening a bank account so that I can put my punji(savings) in it which amounts to something around 3500 bucks. I still cant stop cursing my holidays after class 10th boards. I spend some 1000 bucks on bowling and pool itself. I cant even say that I mastered the art of bowling, since I averaged around 120 or 125 but atleast I was the 2nd best in the ‘gang’. Anyways I am looking for a bank which can give me 100% interest:P. Any names fellows?? Hehehehe

Or else I have to open

CC’s national bank:D:D


Ok got good news and bad news for me.

I will begin with the bad news. It’s not a news, rather a very embarrassing situation for me. Now dad and I went to Tollygunge club today. For the uninformed and non-calcuttans, Tollygunge club is one of the best clubs in the whole of Calcutta. There are other clubs as well like Royal Calcutta Golf Club(RCGC) and CCFC(whose full form I cant recall at this very moment), but dad went for this one  It’s goodJ

So we basically went to check out the facilities in the club. It’s a huge club with

lush green fields for golf players. I thought of playing golf and learning it, but the price tag of the accessories is too high. I think it costs something around in between 20000 to 60000. Do you have any idea?

So we roamed about the whole club and finally had our lunch.

Ok forget it, I am not writing about it since ITS very embarrassing for me to write here since female bloggers are also present here:-S


The good news is that I am also a member of the club. It means that I will get my own membership number and card. I don’t have to beg mom or dad to accompany me to the club from now on. I will catch some bakra(read my friends:P) and go there. I am planning to learn billiards from there, since its free to play there and I really want to play the game, if not professionally then surely for timepass:D


Another great news is that my sir is not coming today. I never get the Sunday evenings for myself. I think I will go to the nearby complex. I will put its picture in a day or two. The complex buildings are really huge and looks good as wellJ there is a market over there as well. Lets see what they have in store for me>:)

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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Aero did this few posts back. I am repeating it, since I have nothing else to do. I counted them;)

7      Months of blogging.
87    Posts.
5664 Visitors.
50    Links in my side section.



Blogspot blog
Mod Blog blog
Tblog blog
Interview Blog
About CC

They deleted the TBlog blog of mine..damn!!!

Mine blogs but different names;)

Moksh( I screwed up the template:P)
Sporty Guy.

All of the above mentioned links are blogs of mine. Most of them have been abandoned. I just made the blogs, because I wanted to. So any competitor's???

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Thursday, April 29, 2004
Meaningless post

The month of April is coming to an end. I am sitting in front of my computer and looking at the screen. No, I think I am looking at the computer throught the translucent dust. There is a small patch of something on my screen which doesnt go away, even after washing with the famous COLIN( I think thats how they spell it?). After 7 or 8 months of blogging, I am bored. I dont feel like writing anymore. I am better off reading other blogs.
Few months back, I was on a yet another round of blog-hopping. On a particular blog, whose colour was Green and dark green and probably from Mumbai or Delhi. If memory doesnt fail me, I think it was Elaichi Chai's blog. There was a Bravenet poll.
" You like to read blogs which tell about.."
The options I can recall right now are
1. Day-to-Day life
2. Random thoughts
3. Political Articles
4. Jokes.

I wasn't amused by the highest number of votes or clicks going to "Day-to-day Life". I wont decline from the fact that I dont like reading day-to-days happenings in other people's life as I try to relate myself to those posts. I search solutions for my problems in those posts, if those bloggers found any. But in vain. I never found a satisfactory solution. I know that I should solve my problems by myself.

"Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end"

Just looking at my surroundings, A watch lying around which needs a battery change and I am thinking of changing it from last december. A tower of cd's. Yes, a tower of cd's Must be about 250-300 cds, the mobile phone staring at the ceiling. The book 'tower' stands taller than the CD tower.(CC: Lord of twin tower's). I can see the seconds hand of the Swatch watch,kept on the study table, ticking. While Bryan Adams shouts along with the chorus, :
" The only thing I want,
The only thing I need,
The only thing I chose,
The only thing looks good on me YOU"
while the house maid keeps blabbering about her routine in her ever digusting voice and tone and cursing "Chotto Bhai"(younger brother , thats me) playing the music loud. Hey not my fault. Curse the 6000W system which my bro bought when he was here.
Now the kid molester MJ shouts"  Blood on the dance floor!, Blood is on the knife"(Thank god MJ is sitting miles from me, and I will be a proud Adult this July. Hoping to have a bash this 18th birthday.( As far as I can recall, I had a proper birthday party few years years back). Since then it has been a quiet affair. Just four of us. But last year my brother wasnt here, so we were three.

Time has changed. I have changed. Dad and mom changed. My brother changed. My address changed. My number changed. Nothing is constant. Only change is constant. Life isnt constant. We have to face different circumstances in life and deal with them.

"Don't stand in someone else's shadow when it's your sunlight that should lead the way."

Ok I think I am talking too much of crap nowadays. As Sonica said its a bore to read me *draws an illegal AK-47 from the cupboard and polishes the gun*
In case you are thinking I am feeling low or something minutely related to that term, sorry to disappoint you but you are wrong.

CC's meaning of some height's of activties:

Height of Laziness:
Feeling cold as the AC is on. But not bothering to switch the AC off even the switch is a hand's stretch away. Instead takes the blanket, and shiver in the cold, waiting for some divine power(Dad or mom) to get up at 3am and help this stupid soul.

Height of Stupidity:
Dialing a wrong number absent mindedly and arguing with the receiver at the other end, over the authencity of the number I dialled.
Calling at X's place, and asking for Y, though X took the call.(Where X & Y are my friends)
Doing 1*1=2 and not 1.
Taking a bath with specs on and not realising until the vision is "soapy"(culdnt find an apt term ) and celebrating with joy as there is no eye irritation even though the foam is "inside" my eyes and thanking god for superhuman capabilities.
Reading last week's newspaper and predicting whats written in an article..predictions become true. Thanking god again for Superhuman capabilities without realising that newspaper is old:|

PS: IF you find me on anyother blog or on this blog abusing or talking shit to someone, dont think that I have a twin brother. Its me only, as my intentions are cruel now;)

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Monday, April 26, 2004
Ah of 10th class!!!

Duh!!! What a break I had of 48 hrs(approx). Well, nothing much happened except for the West Bengal JEE. It passed off kinda ok. But the most pathetic part of the tale was that my center was in some Govt sponsered school. Jodhpur Park Boys High School. Well the Jodhpur Park area is itself a pretty good place, but the school was a complete yuck, specially the chairs. Damn those chairs without any backrest. It was a bench minus the back rest and HAD to sit there for 1080 seconds( in minutes and hours it seems to be a pretty small number;)) And as it was a cloudy day so it kinda dark, and they had ONLY 2 tubelights. CPM has crippled the state. Ok ok wont go into politics as I think you are already suffering the election thing.(Atleast I am)

Over the past 2 months  I have been in regular touch with RG, my class 10 buddy. But in 11th our section got split, so we dint keep in touch other than some occasional hi's and hello's. So had a long chat with him about the present, careers, future plans and ofcourse 'guy' talk;) He just said that class 10 was his most memorable year in the whole of 12 yrs spent in Birla High School, and I couldnt help agreeing to him. So if you have time read on , or you can go on blog -hopping(nice hobby !!:P) This post is about my friends in 10th and the various things we did 2 academic years back.

Keeping in mind the traditions, I begin with cursing the teacher. I know its not good, but I am helpless. I GOTTA CURSE this teacher. His name was Mr A.K. Singh. We never bothered to ask his name as we had nicks for him( we had nicks for everyone) We had named him Aks after the fim Aks, but the bestest was Aastin ka saap:P. Like most teachers he used to follow the points mentioned below while taking our Physics classes.

1.Enter the classroom
2.Choose any student from left or right row.
3.Go upto the teachers desk.
4.Start reading.

Thats it!! Chapter done. He dint even bother to ask us that was there any sort of difficulty or whether we couldnt get any particular part of the chapter. Yes he showed his real teaching skills once in a blue moon( where blue moon should be interpreted as Principal on round). Alas we did enjoy his classes.

Now for some reason our class had a nick of CD den. Now we were a group of 8 guys who regularly used to bring CD's to school. We had mp3's, english film cd's and lots of game cd's on any given schoolday. It had become a norm that if our bags were searched then it was bound to get a minimum of 8 cd's. But our bags were searched by our montiors and prefects who were in our gang. So we never got caught, untill some senior students of 12th came searching. We had 7 sections of class 10 and I was in 'E' and we had given specific tips to our friends in other classes specially in 'A' or 'F'( as the seniors used to begin their search from these sections) to inform us immediately whenever there was a 'raid'. Initially for the first time M( who is now my friend and is in my class) came and informed us about the raids, so we were well prepared that day, and had hidden those cd's in appropriate places. But the second we werent lucky as one of the Seniors caught a fella red handed. His name was taken, some warnings were given but then nothing happened. As usual we were again in full bloom, bringing CD's, exchanging CD's and continuing the 'racket'. But luck wasnt with us this time as we 3 of our guys were caught with cd's( I was lucky each and everytime). So we had to think of some robust plan, so that we could protect our CD's and our a** and I came up with a plan which ensured that we were NEVER caught for the rest of the remaining academic year.

My trick was simple. I knew how to cover our copies without using gum or paste(thanks to my dad) and taught it to my friends as well. So the basic idea was to keep the CD in the last page of HARDBOUND copies only. Take the last three pages of the copy and then put up the cover so that the CD couldnt be felt due to the cardboard. Well what do ya say?? Or dint u get the process??

Well I think the post is lengthy now, and I HAVE to mention another incident which took place in the next post.. wont it be too much for all you ppl to bear???

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Saturday, April 24, 2004
Small Break!

Ah going on this tiny tiny break. Now a break doesnt mean that I wont be here. I will be here, reading all your blogs and commenting on them.

Now in case you are wondering, what is the reason..I will let you know if the reason is a success( No I dont have exams right now!!)
Meanwhile check out the following blogs
Avaiz ( Thanks man for the header pic:D)
English August


And CA, is it ok now?

Till my next post....

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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Arbit post and a stupid survey!!!

Music:Tanha Dil-Shaan

Good morning people. So how is life going? Hope its going on smooth and fine:) Ah thanks to all the people who commented on my last post( and slaps to those who dint:p) Really thanks a lot:)

Ok since nothing is happening in my life worth mentioning, this is going to be another stupid post. So hold on to your breath. Make sure you have the oxygen cylinders by your side. Make sure your windows are open*Shut up, CC!!*...

Now I think most of you know that I have been blogging since last August. Over this period of time, I have visited many blogs and honestly speaking, I lost the count..err..ok ok I never counted:p. But still I have visited many blogs and I have seen others attitude towards life. I have read couples breaking up and coming back together. I have read about proposing. I have read about College daysa nd first week in a particular class. I have read about Love. I have read about social issues which needs our attention. Overall it has been a wonderful time.

So I am just trying my best to scribble down some points about different blogs and bloggers. Since I am not so good with stats and dont have the resources either to conduct a survey, so this is just an random unofficial survey of the blogs I have visited till date. If you have free time, please do read and if you dont have free still READ IT!! buhaha

#Most of the bloggers know about the basics of HTML.
#All the bloggers know how to insert Links and Images in their post(Though exceptions are there)
#Few bloggers update on a daily basis.
#The usual frequency of posting in non-regular blogs is usually around 2 per week.
#Some bloggers transit from the 3rd point to the 4th point over a period of time.
#The number of blogs since August'03 had gone up tremendously over the past 8 months.
#Majority of the blogs use Nedstat counters, followed by Sitemeter counters. Bravenet and Haloscan counters are also found.
#Tagboards or Shoutboxes can be found in most of the blogs though the later is found in more larger numbers on blogs
#Most of the bloggers from India prefer to Rediffblogs over Blogdrive or anyother blogging space.
#They are boycotting foreign blogs servers:p
#Most of the present bloggers dint even knew about the existence of blogs.
#They came to know about it through chat friends or through those, who luckily knew about blogs.
#There is a slow but steady increase in young bloggers.
#Previously the blogworld was mainly dominated by people who worked in offices or who had done their post graduation.
#Majority of the bloggers are creative and have an excellent skill of writing.
#Majority of the bloggers can also write superb poems which are out of the world(sometimes out of my head as well..hehe:p)
#I wonder that why are those people who write good poems are blogging instead of publishing the poems??
#Many bloggers write arbit posts rather I should say serious stuff and only intellects who can understand them
#Slowly and slowly IITians, NITians are making out a space for them in this online world.
#Not to forget people from IIM.
#In all the major cities a bloggers meet has been conducted, where it is has been a success.
#Except for Kolkata bloggers meet. I am talking about success in the terms of headcount.I am sure the people who met for CBM had a rocking time!!
#Few bloggers have formed families.. I mean they consider other bloggers as Son, Daughter, Aunt..etc etc..which is a good thing:)
#Few bloggers dont bother to maintain the line between private and public life. For them privacy doesn't exist.
#The concept of adding songs to the blog isnt much in use.
#There are some non-bloggers who dont blog but regularly read other blogs.
#These non-bloggers get inspired and start a blog of their own.
#Some people have great fun about bitching people, criticizing their post, abuse them.
#These people do blog, but just dont have the guts to leave their URL's behind
#Some of the male bloggers think that they are some sort of hunk, and tend to snatch the limelight from the others.
#Same with the female bloggers.
#Some of the bloggers emotionally attach themselves to their blogs, which is the most stupid thing to do.
#Through blogs most of the people make new friends..who go on to be their best friends.
#Few make enemies.
#Bloggers of a particular city SUCK like anything.But exceptions are there:)
#Every 1 of 5 people who read the above points will believe in them.
#The other 4 SHOULD also believe in the above points or I am going beat them black and

Thanks for tolerating me:)!!!!

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Monday, April 19, 2004
Of Masti, 18th April and Looks

Ah this is going to be a long post....hope so:p

Well lets start from Sunday the 18th. I had my IIT selections, and I have very thin margin of making it through as Physics was terrible..i could attempt only 2 questions as most of it was of 11th, which I unfortunately dint prepare for the exam. Lets hope for the best. Nah..dont hope, as I have NIL chance to clearing the Mains..buhaha
As I am a late latif..I reached 10 mins before the scheduled time at my examination centre (St Xavier's College). Now I saw my room number was 25. But I went in a vicious round-a-about circle in the same floor, where there was no sign of 20's...15,16,17,18...where the heck is 25? Then a lunatic informed that its on the second floor. RUN RUN RUN!! 5 mins to go... While ascending the staircase..I SLIPPED!!! Courtesy my chappals, without proper grip..buhaha.
Reached my exam hall and took my respective seat. Just a look around, and I felt like a crow in bunch of Swans. Everybody looked like studious type(With high powered lenses, unshaved beard, unkept hair)..look at me..clean gel..metal watch..gawd!!! The invilgilator was shouting some crap shit about the exam which I was least bothered to listen as I was looking at the walls of the room. From Love poems to Constitution, everything was written. Anyways gave my exam and came out. Met some other folks of my school. Everybody's paper(physics) sucked.
Then had another exam from 2.30pm and right now was around 1.15pm. Shameless me!! I went to Pizza hut again to see if Sriti was there..buhahaha, she wasnt there:( Stuffed the HOT n SPICY pizza in my mouth and left for the other centre. That exam also went good. Better than IIT. That exam was about Hotel Management. It's my backup case I dont get somewhere else...buhahaha

Around 6.00 pm reached my place. Took a bath and lied down. But then dad came about and informed me about the evening plans.Huh!!? What plans?. He said that we were going to watch Masti...WHAT??!!!??!!? MASTI?!?!?!?!?! *yaiy n SHIT* Yaiy, since I was dying to see that film and shit ...MY PARENTS WITH ME WATCHING MASTI..what else I could ask for?
We reached INOX(multiplex in cal) around 9pm. Since the show was from 9.30pm, so I thought of conducting an CC survey.
"How many people are perfect in looks"
Ummm...I think I must have have stared atleast 15 girls and 7 guys (no no, I am straight). Well I can conclude that, the number of people who are perfect in this world are numbered(in looks). Everybody had some kinda shortcoming. Like there was one who had a big nose. Another one was short like hell, and still had a 5 inch heel. When a girl smiled(no not at me:P) her 32 were out(thats why Julia roberts sucks!!) Then there was one who had a horse like face, I meant a long face. Guys..hmm well, not everybody is perfect after all. But, that little of defect in our looks makes us unique. Unique in a way, that only we have it. But it depends on the attitude of the person having the 'shortcoming' of not being "PERFECT". Nobody is perfect. Now people who are in love, will say that their mates are Perfect. But some other guy/gal may find loads of mistakes or 'defects' in that same mate. In love, you really dont see what is on the outside. For this reason, I find the concept of "love at first sight"... bogus. Because at that very moment you are looking at his/her face, his/her dimples, his/her smile, his/her hair...etc etc. But after you really get to know that guy/gal, you will realise that he isnt the Prince/Princess you were looking for. There were many couples roaming around,hand in hand, carrying an innocent smile, and showing a of Mush mush feeling. Are they really made for each other? Afterall they havent met all the guys/gals in this world! But if they think that their mate is perfect..why not? This reminds me.. I AM STILL SINGLE....buhahaha, but I guess I am far more happier than my friends who arent "single".

But then .....who cares...I always believed that, If it's for me..It will be with me matter how much does it take...1 day,1 week,1 month,1 year,1 decade,1 century.... I can still wait....if its meant for me. But again I contradict myself saying" Untill I try to get it, how can I get it. How can I just leave it on fate. When we eat the food, or someone else feeds us, we have to eat the food, the body has to digest the food. Nothing cant be achieved without trying for it. I am not god that it will come to me by itself, I have reach for it, go for it. But then I start thinking, where should I begin from? In order to solve a problem one needs to know how to approach the problem. If the approach is wrong, the procedure will surely will be wrong and the end result cant be achieved accurately and correctly. But then approaching the problem in a correct manner, doesnt solve the problem. Proper application is needed. We have made a start, but application is also very important.GAWWD I AM GOING OFF THE TOPIC!!!

So I was saying that, none is perfect. Its upto us to look at their imperfectness as uniqueness.

Ah so finally the movie started at 9.35 pm. Well I dont know what my parents thought of the movie, but I liked it...well wont lie..It was a timepass movie,with loads of fun and laughter. Afterall Aftab has a nick-Despo and Riteish-Phatu(LOL) I am totally against of the concept of having an extra maritial affair. But then who's fault is it? Is it because of the wife/hubby that she/he cant keep her/him happy, which results in seeking "happiness" from an external source. In the film Affairs are referred to as Biriyani and Wifes as Dal...LOL..well I hope I can be faithful to my wife..shit.. I WILL BE!!!

Gawd, dont I think too much. I dont even have a GF right now, and I am thinking of my wife....buhahaha...hehehehe
Look at the second hand of your watch and then at the hour hand of your watch. What do you see?

PS:- Sorry for writing a crappy post..afterall I am in a crappy mood after all...BUHAHA
Cant anyone listen to the song playing in the background? Sheesh..:(:(:(

Buhahha, I cut my hair off.........what a devastating news for the whole of humankind.....We are at a terrible grief.
In case you are wondering whats the fuss about, ask Shadow n Vaish:P

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Thursday, April 15, 2004
A post!!!

Happy New Years day to all...Belated though or should I say Shubho Nabobarsho( in bengali) ek hi baat hain:P. Ah just another 'routine' day. Got up at 6 am...gosh I generally wake up around 11.00-11.30 am. Went(Read sent) to the market to buy vegetables. It was strange that the diff vegetables I saw, most of them were green in colour.. and that cheat vendor took 3 bucks extra for the onion's. Galtiyon se hi Insaan sikhta hain(Humans learn from their mistakes)
Watched the match before I dozed off again. Come on 6 am!!!! I gotta sleep again:P. Woke up, saw the match again, Dravid n VVS bhai were running between 6 wood sticks after hitting a round thing with a straight thing:P. Took my lunch, came up and again saw the same thing going on. Gosh dont they get tired doing the same thing over n over n over? Me got tired of watching the same thing, and again dozed off...Gosh 6 am!!!! Ya ya I am whining too much over the 6 am thing:P.
In the evening went to Pizza Hut. Just as expected it was full of people. So just went to check out the clothes in Pantaloons. Hmm brought a perfums Mister President...buhaha what a filthy smell...yuck. Yups I forgot to smell it:(
Anyways around 9.30pm went back to Pizza hut and was half filled. Quickly took a table. The people who serve food over there smile a lot. A LOT means REALLY A LOT. The girl(:D) who was taking our orders was looking at me and smiling her way to glory, and I was more stupid....I smiled back at her. But me shameless fellow kept looking at her small mole on her right cheek. God it looked good on her so did her smile. Whenever she made an eye contact..she smiled( god help me...i really felt embarrased) I think she was having a pity on me...buhaha. I think her name was Sriti. Nice name And there was a girl who was celebrating her bday.Man they do celebrate birthdays in Pizza hut style. Gosh still cant stop thinking of the girl...oh its 9.30 Rountine routine..catch ya guys later:)

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