Sunday, June 20, 2004

We make our own choices. Good or bad, we have to accept the fact that we made the choice in the very first place and for that very reason we have to face the consequences of the choice we made. Once we learn to accept and face the consequences we will lead a truly amazing life.

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Sunday, June 06, 2004
The Delhi trip-II and Meeting with Megsie, Megs, Megha(they are same:p)

29th May
10:00 hrs

I get up cursing the hotel people for turning off the AC during the night while patting on my back since I managed to sleep without AC and Fan. Other friends came over into our room and started to chat uselessly. Needless to say I had to get up *Damn those idiots*. We had heard that the PVR's of Delhi are good and so is the crowd;) *ahem ahem* So after a lot of heated arguement over which film we should go, we settled for Hum Tum at PVR Saket. It was around 13:30 hrs and the show was from 14:00hrs I think. So obviously we couldnt make it there in time and above all PVR Saket was so damn far from Paharganj. The next show timing was 16:55hrs. We bought the tickets at 150 bucks. We really did wonder that why was it so costly? We had no other choice as we already bought the ticket. Since we had little bit of food in the breakfast we were feeling hungry. So went on a hunt for some proper place to eat and as usual everything sucked and was costly. No one was willing to cough out more as they already had coughed out 150. So we decided to eat at some restaurant in the open. The food was GOOD and those idiots(friends) snatched a party from me since I had made it to the Hotel Management ka entrance with a good rank...DAMN U IDIOTS!!!!. By God's grace we were only 5 and it wasn't costly for me. So we roamed about there a little bit more, giggling at couples sitting there, hands-in-hands,eyes-in-eyes.

Now I tell you guys(only guys:p) the crowd in delhi is really DAMN GOOD. They can dare to bare like anything. Few things which I noticed about delhi girls is that they are much better looking that the kolkata girls(though exceptions are there;)) and much bolder than girls in calcutta and are pretty westernized as well. Even mom's and aunt's wear jeans and!!!

Now PVR Saket's lobby was pretty ok.. much like the INOX here in Calcutta. But once I entered the hall I realised that Calcutta really has a far far way to go. The seat's were good and much comfortable. There is much more leg space for people like me as I SUFFER if I sit in Inox or some stupid bus in cal. The picture was ok, could have been done better. After interval the story gets real slow and boring (atleast for me:p). This film is better is much better than MHN (ya ya I finally saw it:p). We quickly came out of the movie hall and took a auto back to Paharganj as a friend was getting late.

The day came to an end after we had dinner at the same old Darbar restaurant:D
Oh forgot to mention that had a convo with Megs on the phone for 2 or 3 mins of fame:p. She has nice voice but sounds more than her age.

30th May

D-Day. I had my exams today. Now the scene was like 50,000 plus estimated students had arrived in delhi for the exam. But the twist in the tale was that there were only 60 seats in total. My exam was good, but the competition is really good for me and tough for me as well:D. Now dad had arranged a car for us( Me and another friend). Our center was in ALIPUR which was beyond Pitampura and Rohini. Basically, Alipur was on the highway. I just cant think, what made the college people open an institute on a Highway?!?!. At around 07:30 hrs we went down to check if the car had arrived. Allrite the car did arrive. We were the only two guys who were going in a car, while others had to travel by auto*evil grin* and that too in Honda City, not bad eh? It took around 45 mins to reach our center in Alipur. The building looked awesome from outside. But the moment I entered the College, I felt sick after seeing the interiors. It couldn't be any worse.

Gave the exams and returned to hotel. Had my lunch and packed my bags as a friend was coming to pick us up from the hotel and we were shifting to his house in Pitampura. Now pitampura is in north delhi and it took us around 70 mins to reach Pitampura. The very first day I stayed there, it was troublesome and uncomfortable for me. I never liked staying in people's houses. I had a feeling that I was a burden on them and I failed poorly to hide my dissatisfaction to my friend. He understood the moment I was taking a round of the area. My face was straight and was dragging myself(duh, how miserable can I get?) The member's were good and co-operative but I guess I couldnt be comfortable with them.

While taking a round of that area, called up megs as I had told her, but I was busy the whole day so couldnt and she was out as well, so dint talk as much but did sms her later. Had a chat with Tan as well in the afternoon.
I retired early that night.

31st May
08:00 hrs
Took a bath, had our breakfast and got ready as we had full day plans to wander about in delhi as this was our last full day in Delhi. We left at around 11:30hrs and it was damn hot that day. Now we were supposed to go to Pallikabazar, CP and then to gurgaon to see the shopping malls there and 32 miles(or milestone). We 6 of us ( Me , a friend , another friend and his 3 brothers) reached Pallika bazar and started to roam about. Few mins later I Megs called up on my cell and we decided to meet. She told to meet me at Barista or CCD. Now I was wondering CCD would be far away as I though CCD would mean So I took one of my friends to Barista cafe..rather he showed me where it was.

So were just standing outside waiting for her to arrive. She sms-d me telling that she will be there in another few mins and I was standing right outside. Few girls entered and  exited. I was really confused. I had a thin memory of Megs face and I had a hard time recalling it. Now a girl in black top did enter but with a guy. Suddenly then Megs called up and inquired about my whereabouts. She told me that she was inside Barista( how did I miss her????????) She was also in a black top. Now I just wondered if she was the same one who entered with a guy. Why did she come with a guy? I came with a friend since I was new to delhi...and other blah blah questions came into my mind. I told her that I am standing outside Barista. Then she came out and this time I did recognise her..thankfully,phew!!! But for the first two minutes, I was bit hesitant in approaching her as this was the 3rd time meeting a girl( First time I met a girl, it was a terrible experience, Second one was far better than the first one). My friend pushed me towards her and I started to walk towards her. I was really really nervous about her reaction. What if she said " OH you are CC..get lost I dont wanna meet u!!" and those types of things:p. I went and stood behind her. After 2-3 seconds she turned back and looked at me. Now what I think was that she was either Shocked to see me or Happy to see me. I think she was shocked( but she dint admit it later also that she was shocked:(( ) So we entered the cafe and sat for about 15 mins. We dint talk much about our personal life's or anything, but she did tell me about her bad experience with a UK guy and I think she learnt from the previous exp and tackled(?) me well:p

She showed me her tattoo, which was as usual stupid:p.

Now about 15 mins of meeting and 7 mins of phone talk, it's not enough for me to know a person in and out. But what I could understand that she was a sensible girl(though she may appear to be out of her brains on her blog:p). After 15 mins she had the U -are-a-bore look on her I think of leaving her alone and getting away as she had to meet another friend as well.

Now I forgot her face and dint ask for her photo as of yet, but I can recall that she a DDG smile. I think that Perizaad's smile is Megs ditto and "Meg Charm" was good as well:)

After leaving Barista we( me and my friends not Megs:p) quickly went back to Pallikabazar. Ate little bit and went to Gurgaon. We saw two shopping Malls there
1. City and(?) Centre or DT' s Cinema
2. The Metropolitan.

Now Forum in cal was worse than the Metropolitan in Gurgaon. 1st one was equal to Forum:D
Then we went to 32 milestone or whatever the place is called and did some bowling. THE PLACE WAS AWFUL and sada bowling in cal in 10000 times better than 32 miles:D

So we left gurgaon at around 7.30 pm and reached pitam pura at about 8.30pm. Quickly had my dinner and retired early to bed:)

NOTE:- I am going to delhi tomorrow( yes again) and will be back on wednesday night. I will write the concluding part after I return:)

Megs  wrote something about me here

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Friday, June 04, 2004
The Delhi Trip-I

27th May '04
13:30 hrs

My mom was forcing me to eat this and that, as if I'm going to some place where there is no food, water available. I can still recall the afternoon of 27th May when my mom was forcing me to eat all the dishes while my Big bro was giggling and smiling at me, afterall these chances are once in a lifetime;). I also laugh when is he packed with food stuff when he returns to Nagpur. So this was kinda tit-for-tat:(

Now in calcutta, we have two stations, Howrah and Sealdah. I have been to Howrah before but Sealdah was new for me. I had seen it from a distance but never entered it. I think 16:45hrs was departure time for Rajdhani from Sealdah. Taking no chances we(Me and a friend) arrived at the station at around 16:05 hrs. Now my brother told me that train journeys can be extremely boring if you are travelling alone, and your co-passengers are a bigger bore's. But this was nothing like that for us. We were 10 friends in the same coach. So pretty obviously we chatted about each and every topic under the sun. From studies to girlfriend's. It was fun travelling in an AC train, but it could have been worse if I had travelled alone. First evening snacks was served, which was pretty obviously bad. Then we were given 2 Amulya Milk powder and tea bags. SInce I dont drink tea very often, I just emptied a Milk powder packet into my mouth. My friend sitting beside me was such a dumbo that he just ripped apart the tea bag contents into the cup!! Thing people do.

I was sitting in the Lower berth, while the Side lower and Side upper berth's were occupied by a family of three. As soon as they finished their snack, they took the blankets and pillows and dozed off. Only their small daughter was playing around in the side upper berth. Kumbhkaran ke Aulad!!!!

At around 19:30 hrs a couple boarded from Asansol. After little bit of chit chat, we came to know that the Husband was a maths teacher and his two sons were doing engg from Meerut and never the less they were helluva boring people lol!!:)

Had my pathetic dinner around 20:15 hrs. The couple retired to their berths after having their dinner. It was around 00:30 hrs. Each and every passenger were sleeping except for the 10 of us. We weren't together in single compartment. We were in group of 6,3 and 1. In only 2 compartments lights were on. In my compartment, 3 of us were there, while from time to time a single guy turned up from the other 6 complaining about a guy ND who was completely boring them. Whenever a guy came from the group into our compartment..
"Arre yaar ND kya chaat raha hain!! Dimag ka Dahi kar raha hain"

Finally I even dozed off at around 02:00 only to wake up again at around 02:20. As I peeped out of the window, I read in dim light "Moghal Sarai"(in hindi). My friends had told me earlier that it was a dreaded area for bandits and dacoits. But thankfully nothing happened when we passed Gaya and Moghal Sarai. And I again dozed off...zzzzzzz

28th May'04 

THUD!! I hit my head against the upper berth(I was sleeping in the lower berth). Again the same old tea arrived. This time I dint even bother to take the tray. It sucked big time( the whole process of making tea:p). At around 08:15 hrs breakfast arrived. And it was as usual a major shit. The omelette sucked. So did the jam. And heck they gave peas with omlettes!!!!!! I gonna sue the Railways.

The scheduled arrival time was 10:50am. But keeping up the good and recommendable job, the train arrived at the station at around 11.45hrs. Full credit to to the railways people. So we came out of the station and went to the auto-stand.
They have meters, but the drivers hardly use it. Its just there for showing off.
You have to bargain for your fare. None of us had any idea about the roads of delhi, so we couldnt ask them to start the meter, cuz most probably they will take us to our destination from the longest route possible to gain maximum fare.
One driver even had the audacity to ask for 400 bucks for taking us from Railway Station to Pahargunj. We did decline him but later we found out that Pahargunj was a 10 mins walk from Station. Those cheats!!!

The hotel was pretty good, atleast worth living. The AC was there and it was DAMN good. I washed my face and opened my bags. Then we decided to have our lunch out. So we went to a restuarant near the hotel called "Darbar"(If I can recall it correctly) The food was not so good, but we were damn hungry. So we hogged down whatever was ordered. Now we did order a large quantity of food as we were around 13 guys there. But the total amounted to some 521 bucks. The same would have costed around 900 in calcutta. So we went back to the hotel. Had another round of chit-chat and gossiping. In the evening we went to CP(Conaught Place..spelling is ok I think??!!). CP is a huge place and is round in shape. The delhi people are constructing yet another Metro route near CP. After having stupidest of food- THE HAPPY MEAL at McDonald's. I am wondering..why do they call it the happy Meal. Its tasteless and useless. Yuck!!! McDonalds is a complete crap outlet. They even cheat on the cold drinks as 1/4 of the cup is filled with ice. Then we went to Nirula's and hogged on Triple Sundae and Hot chocolate. It was pretty costly considering the fact
1. There was no sitting arrangement downstairs
2. No drinking water available downstairs.
But Nirula's food was far better than Mcdonald's. But comparing Burgers with Ice cream is not fair afterall:p

After we finished our sundae and drink, we headed towards Pallikabazar. Pallikabazar is a pretty good place and its good for people who can bargain well. I can't bargain much and I dont talk much too. Now I went to a shop in which watches were on display. So I went there and chose a watch. The shopkeeper said 350 bucks for that watch. I said 150 bucks. Then he gave the usual crap.."the watch is good" "the belt is fancy" "Blah blah blah" and I stared at him with a take-it-or-leave-it face. He took 150 bucks quietly and dint mutter anything else. Then we took a auto back from CP to Pahargunj which took costed us 40 bucks, which I think was pretty reasonable.

Came back to my hotel. Changed my clothes. Thud...flat on the bed. Only to get up again at 03:30 hrs. The AC was off!!!!! Quick glance at my friend sleeping beside me. He is sleeping..diagonally though!. The fan was switched off too. Called up the reception and asked about the AC

"Current nahi hain"
These people run a hotel and dont have a generator!!!!! The room was cold , so I guess I dozed off again:p

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Monday, May 24, 2004

Me is alive.
Me is good.
Me hope that you are also doing good.
Me was busy during the past whole week.
Me couldn't post.
Me couldn't read other blogs.
Me will be going to Delhi on 26th of May.
Me will be back on 2nd June.
Me will post after 2nd June about the Delhi Trip.
Me hoping to have a good time in Delhi.
Me wishes everyone a fantabulous week ahead.
Me say tata n bye bye
Me saw Yuva yesterday.
Me thinks Yuva is a fantastic film.
Me think that you should go to
Samosa's blog to read the review.
Me "think" that the review was good(since I dint read it) *Me shows tongue*
Me think Continental Food is very good, if you remove the boiled vegetables from your platter.
Tata n Bye bye!

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Friday, May 14, 2004
De-tour and some facts

Hey writing after quite some time. Was little bit busy, researching "prospective" colleges in Delhi or Mumbai for pursuing my course in HM.

Oh yeah, so I was saying this is a "de-tour" post to my BEST friend's blog. She wrote some general things about me, which to a certain extent I can deny... but alas let me bask in the sunshine of popularity.... which may not last after you may read what she wrote about me because she wrote something related to me, which some of you may find disgusting, intolerable, pissing off... in short all the bad things which can happen to one. In this process my so called "Cyber- Image" ( I came across this word on Tan's blog ) can be tarnished or even destroyed to tits n bits. But for a friend like, I can destroy zillions of these images which are temporary and are found in this online world only. You can read it here. Even saying million times thank you's will be nothing equivalent to what she wrote about me. If words could say more... I could have said and said non-stop...but afterall English language has its limits.. my appreciation and thanks has no limits for you.

Truly speaking, I have been wearing a "mask" since I started blogging. I am not the real me... perhaps because I never liked the way I am. But then I realised that I am special.. if not exaggerating, I am unique in my own way. I am not saying that " I am the best guy or friend you can find in this world" but not the bad afterall. A friend pointed me out that the majority of my links are female blogger's. Please dont tax your mind by thinking that I am pervert or something. To justify my point, I would like to say that it was rather a "learning" process for me. My only aim was to "understand" the female point of view towards guys. What qualities do they look for in guys? What makes them the most happy in this world? These are the few question's whose answers I have been looking for. I wont say that I have learnt a lot, but what I have learnt is certainly valuable. I may not be the best of flirts around, or typical show off guys.. but I have certainly learnt what the "flirts" dint. Yes, I have witnessed several flirts in this blogworld. If you classify me as one of them, it would certainly be injustice done to me, but I have nothing against you as every one is entitled to his/her own point of view.

For the uninformed I stood 34th in the Hotel Management entrance examination( ok not equivalent to IIT or AIEEE), but the catch is that I dint prepare for the exam at all. I have looked through the prospects of HM. Some may even think that Hotel Management is a farce, but wont say it in the comment box... they will say "congrats and its quite good" but their mind will be thinking of what I formerly said. And I have several of my other competitive exams left as well. People may think that since I am from a science background, Engg is the best and MUST option for me. But I think different. It was a very wrong decision which I took two years back. I never had the inclination towards Physics or Chemistry as a science student should have. But I always and still like Mathematics.

After going through what my friend, wrote some of you develop negative things about me. I am not going to ask you "Why?". Everyone has his/her own right to think and make opinions.

I dont have much time now , since my 12th results are going to be out anytime in the coming weeks and even I have to take some important decisions right now. Time is short. I am leaving this blog for sometime now. But I will be back with a new post when I am all settled down in Mumbai or Delhi.

Wish me luck for my new life, new college, new friends...hope its the very best I could get.

Ah, one more thing. I am not writing the concluding part of MHN. As a matter of fact, I never saw the movie also. I just chatted up with Rash one night and got the details from her. So all the applauses should be for her, as I only gave my words to her thoughts ( I mean to her chat conversations). Thanks Rashmi( rash is stupid name:p) and I wish the very best for your future ahead.

I may write a post before leaving for my destination.

Till next not Tan said... Ciya:)

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Main Hoon Na!!

Main Hoon Na!!!!!!

*Tu hi reh, Mujhe nahi rehna..... hall mein*

Yes my dear friends, you are correct, this is yet another philm review. After reading several reviews on Main Hoon Na, it was indeed very tempting for me to write something for the Film of the year which has “re-created” the magic of 70’s(atleast the paper and Pharah Khan).

Directed by nach sikhane wali...err. I mean choreographer Farah Khan and starring none other than, The Big Nosu, Shah Rukh Khan, Zayed-tom girl- Khan, Amrita-punkini-Rao, Sushmita sizzling Sen and ofcourse few other good for nothing, money crunching timepass actors and actresses.

I think that most of the people who are reading this post at this moment have seen the film or perhaps read the story somewhere, or worse, some flying bird came and whispered the whole story in their ‘respective’ ears. But I have to write in brief about the story or the post will seem to be void of ‘something’. Don’t worry, I am not going to write about each and every incident, scene as I had dozed off in the hall: courtesy Main hoon Na!!

As the torcher, oops I meant the film, begins there is an interview going on in some stupid News channel (at least it looked liked one). Kabir Bedi is answering some question answer thingy. As usual I missed quite a part of the interview because two girls, Rohini and Sangeeta, in the next row where chatting about their respective boy friends. As usual my attention was towards them. Now you people tell, was it my fault??:P

So when my eyes rolled back (after much effort and hard work) on the wide screen, some strange people are shown by the camera. They were the supposed terrorists. I can’t stop pitying the security at these 1 star news channels. Even the army forces were so dumb that they allowed people carrying guns to enter the interview room. Now obviously the terrorists weren’t there to hear the useless chattering by Kabir Bedi. They were supposed to kill him or at least try to harm him, which they miserably fail. Duh, the stupid Indian film terrorists always manage to fail the mission. They were supposed to kill Kabir Bedi, but they end up shooting Naseerudin Shah near his heart(I think it was his chest). Now the gang leader, Sunil Shetty is wearing a monkey cap. *Gosh was it too cold when they were shooting?? I wonder!!!* So Mr. Big Nose chases the cap wearing goon, but alas his putra ka dharm tells him that he must return to his ailing daddy dearest though Mr Big Nose was shot in his arm while chasing. So he ends the chase there (as if he was even trying to catch him) and gets back to his daddy. So the usual ambulance thingy is there, dad is on a stretcher, murmuring something (at least he was, I dint listen to Shah, courtesy Rohini). So he said something like that:-

“Son, I have hidden a truth from you for these past few years. You are not my only son. I have my whole family, but I am not in contact with them anymore. It’s my aakhri ichcha (last wish) that you go and find your family and live happily ever after with them” So after this, Nasseruddin Shah dies a peaceful death. Mr Big Nose has a big mission now. He has to search for his family in Darjeeling. But wait, Mr Kabir Bedi has something worse in store for him. Sunil Shetty, the terrorist has made a plan to fail Mission Milaap. So Mr Kabir Bedi (Kabbu) tells Mr Big Nose (Nosu), that he has to protect his punkini daughter Sanjana from Raghavan (Sunil Shetty). I will refer Raghavan as Rags from now on. But Mr Big Nose says that he can’t go on that mission since he has to search for his long lost, long time no see, long time no news family. So Kabbu tells Nosu, that his family is in Darjeeling and his daughter as well. So it will be something like two patthar (stone) one bird...oh Sorry I meant, two birds one patthar (stone).

*Then suddenly there is thunderstorm in the sky. Suddenly the fine day, is over clouded with black clouds, the sunlight is peeping through the clouds (you get the picture rite?) and then a godly voice says*(I am not sure, who said, Rohini or Sangeeta:P) “Nosu you dint complete your 12th studies. So this will be a good opportunity to complete it and search for your long lost, long time no see, long time no news family.” Nosu jumps at this offer since it’s an added opportunity, three birds and one stone. The only logical thing in this part is that how can anyone join the army without completing his 12th, or how could anyone get admission into an undergraduate course. Is this what we have to learn from Indian Cinemas?

So the camera then zooms into St Paul’s school in Darjeeling. Good to see Darjeeling in the movie since I never saw the place:P. Here failures are studs here and good friends as well. So Zayed (whose screen name is Lakshman aka Lucky. I will call him as Lux) is the international stud in this college after failing thrice (The norm is that after failing twice, a student is kicked out. But Lux is a clear exception in this case. Perhaps for his ‘tom girlish’ looks) so, we have this punkini of this school Amrita Rao. So cutting the long story very short, we have some good performances by Bhondu aka Bonie Irani, Bhindi (although she doesn’t look like one) Bindu, Spitting bhai Satish Shah.

(To be continued)
Please leave comments that whether I should write the concluding part, as it all depends on you. If you write yes, then I am going to ask a question in my next post for the readers (as if it matters..duh).

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Monday, May 10, 2004
What??Look down

Adios. Will be back.

PS- I feel bad about the image which most of the others bloggers have formed about me and my blog. Hope 'you' are getting my point. I feel so low for 'your' comment:(

PSS- This break is not related to 'that' person and please dont ask who 'that' person is, as I wont be able to take any names.

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Friday, May 07, 2004
Of the week gone by

Hi! How are you people doing? I am so sorry for my absence from my blog for quite sometime. Read on and you will understand the reason for my absence (however useless and senseless excuse it may appear to be :P)

Monday, 3rd May 2004

I had to get some documents attested by our not-so-dear headbitch of our school. I reached Birla High School at around 11.30 am. Now the whole street is generally crowded with cars and ‘young late morning walkers’. But today the street wore a deserted look. I wondered why? When I walked up to the gate of my school, the durwan (guard) sitting there lazily asked me:

D:“Kya hua?”
*What happened?*

Me: “Principal aayi hain kya?”
*Has the headbitch arrived yet?*

D: “Arre nahi. Aaj toh school bandh hain.”
*Today school is closed*

I am completely shocked. My sub-conscious mind takes me back to last evening’s (Sunday) conversation with dad. He told me that there was some kinda muslim holiday. Sheesh how could I forget that. I wasted 45 mins to travel the whole distance which meant I had deprived myself of 45 mins of the 24 hrs, which I could have utilised in sleeping or blog-hopping. Boo hoo. NO more time to waste.

“Driver warp me back to my place.”

And driver warps me back to home at a so called ‘fast’ speed of 35 km/h when the whole road was empty and bare. DUMB!!

Guide to key-terms:
Head Bitch- Principal.

Tuesday, 4th May 2004

Once again the ordeal continued. I went back to school to get my documents attested. I asked the jerk to pass the documents on to the principals.

J: “Hum nahi denge. Abhi mere jo jhar para hain. “
*No, I cant give the documents to her. I just got scolded by her.*

Me:” Tumhara kaam hi toh jhar khana. Tumhe aur kis baat ki paisa deta hain school wale*evil grin*
*That’s your work, to get scolded. What else do you think you get paid for*[*evil grin*]*

Jerk is still adamant. I give up finally as arguing with him wont help my cause. Neither would Taporigiri or Mamugiri. I submitted the documents with him and came back home.

“Driver warp me back to my place.”

This time I was lucky as he drove at a speed of 50km/h.DUMB!!

Guide to key terms:
Jerk- Peon out side principal’s office.

Wednesday, 5th May
The ordeal still continued. I went back to school to collect my documents. Principal was sitting in the auditorium and staring at some students performing on the stage. I think she was trying to understand what the students were doing; neither could I understand why the students were jumping on the stage wearing multi-coloured clothes and fake moustaches. So, the idea of an Annual Day function of a particular school is to make some students jump on the stage like primitive monkeys and force the other non-participating students to tolerate and cheer the performing students? While the prefects and monitors try to hush up the booing crowd?
Anyways, I got my documents finally attested. The jerk asked for some money. I gave him 10 bucks and came back to my car.

“Driver warp me back to my place”
I AM TOTALLY IRRITATED WITH MY DRIVER. HE DROVE THE CAR AT A WHOPPING, EYE POPPING, MIND BOGGLING, NERVE WRECKING, HEAD TOSSING speed of…..hold your breath, 25km/hr, even though I asked him twice to punch the accelerator which resulted in an increase of 15km/hr for about 120 seconds. DUMB!!!!!!!

And above all, my tuition sir came an hour early than his scheduled time.

Sir: Besi tara tari chole aasheni toh?
*Hope I didn’t arrive too early*

Me: Na na...%&*$&%&*$(*($&#$#&$&#^$&*^#$&
*No at all..... %&*$&%&*$(*($&#$#&$&#^$&*^#$&*

Thursday, 07 May 2004

Today I was supposed to submit the form along with the attested copies. Thus began my search for Alipur campus of Calcutta University. I searched high and low, Right and Left, Diagonally and parallel, in all directions, but in vain. Then a white donkey, sipping tea from an earthen pot, came to my rescue sporting black goggles, carrying a revolver. Yes, you are correct, a traffic sergeant.

So I arrived at my destined building. That building gave me a brief idea about the caves and destroyed buildings of the medieval age. It was a perfect archaeological site. It could develop a crack by a cat’s meow or a dog’s bark could bring it down. I took my each step cautiously as I advanced towards the room, on which was written..
“Submit forms here. Time ^^.30 am to 4.00pm”
*^^ wasn’t clear to me*

As soon as I entered the room, an air of laziness enveloped me. I had already started to feel that I needed to be among these lazy bums. I really want to be in here:P.
Cutting the crap out, as the post is getting out of hand and terribly boring to read as it is LONG.
The guy said that I needed my 12th admit card’s attested copy. *What the “4lettered word”*. I told him that it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the brochure we had to submit that.
“No, it was here (there???). You go and see popaly” (*I think he missed the R’s, or the R’s were muted by the pan he was chewing)*
“Ok sir, I will get back the docs attested by Monday.”
To irritate him further I asked him about the last dates of submission and the room I am supposed to come again. Exam details and blah blah. I could hear he was irritated as he was shouting at the peon who brought him a non-working pen

Today is my mom’s birthday. I hoped that I could have a better son to her. I hope she always smiles and stop whining about my manners and other 100 things. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!

And I dint make it to the IIT screening. I had no hope for it since I dint prepare for it like some other people mite have done( 2yrs of slogging) Best of luck to those who cleared it.

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Sunday, May 02, 2004
The club and 18 yrs of toiling in this world

I can finally feel that I am turning 18:D

Ok my birthday is still 2 months away but I can see its golden effects from now only. I am even thinking of opening a bank account so that I can put my punji(savings) in it which amounts to something around 3500 bucks. I still cant stop cursing my holidays after class 10th boards. I spend some 1000 bucks on bowling and pool itself. I cant even say that I mastered the art of bowling, since I averaged around 120 or 125 but atleast I was the 2nd best in the ‘gang’. Anyways I am looking for a bank which can give me 100% interest:P. Any names fellows?? Hehehehe

Or else I have to open

CC’s national bank:D:D


Ok got good news and bad news for me.

I will begin with the bad news. It’s not a news, rather a very embarrassing situation for me. Now dad and I went to Tollygunge club today. For the uninformed and non-calcuttans, Tollygunge club is one of the best clubs in the whole of Calcutta. There are other clubs as well like Royal Calcutta Golf Club(RCGC) and CCFC(whose full form I cant recall at this very moment), but dad went for this one  It’s goodJ

So we basically went to check out the facilities in the club. It’s a huge club with

lush green fields for golf players. I thought of playing golf and learning it, but the price tag of the accessories is too high. I think it costs something around in between 20000 to 60000. Do you have any idea?

So we roamed about the whole club and finally had our lunch.

Ok forget it, I am not writing about it since ITS very embarrassing for me to write here since female bloggers are also present here:-S


The good news is that I am also a member of the club. It means that I will get my own membership number and card. I don’t have to beg mom or dad to accompany me to the club from now on. I will catch some bakra(read my friends:P) and go there. I am planning to learn billiards from there, since its free to play there and I really want to play the game, if not professionally then surely for timepass:D


Another great news is that my sir is not coming today. I never get the Sunday evenings for myself. I think I will go to the nearby complex. I will put its picture in a day or two. The complex buildings are really huge and looks good as wellJ there is a market over there as well. Lets see what they have in store for me>:)

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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Aero did this few posts back. I am repeating it, since I have nothing else to do. I counted them;)

7      Months of blogging.
87    Posts.
5664 Visitors.
50    Links in my side section.



Blogspot blog
Mod Blog blog
Tblog blog
Interview Blog
About CC

They deleted the TBlog blog of mine..damn!!!

Mine blogs but different names;)

Moksh( I screwed up the template:P)
Sporty Guy.

All of the above mentioned links are blogs of mine. Most of them have been abandoned. I just made the blogs, because I wanted to. So any competitor's???

Posted at Saturday, May 01, 2004 by CC
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