Friday, June 25, 2004

Subah ho gayi mamu(infact its afternoon now).Thanks Tan,Amar,Shadow,Drifter,Aparna,Megha for your mamu comments.Well it's quite sometime that I had shared my views with other people in MUNNABHAI way;)....thanks people.Hey Amar howz CBM going?

Today as I was burning a CD for my friend of OST(matrix,MI:2,Moulin Rouge..............illegal ofcourse) memories came back floating back to my mind when I was again a kid;)..yesterday my mom was talking about childhood incidents...damn miss those days like anything.I have written a post about Childhood Incidents before and this is just another one of those.

Now as a kid what would you like to get??...A car,fancy clothes,choclates,ice creams and all those goody goody stuff.But my mom said that I never wished for costly remote control cars or fancy clothes...and kept away from ice creams.So my mom tells me...something like was a day or two before my uncle( whom we fondly call Kaka)..asked me what do I want from him on my bday?
I am writing this in bengali....because it looks more authentic and has its own charm.If you have any problem ask me in my comment box.
"Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm(I am thinking)...."
"Ekta pencil..."
"Ekta rubber"
"Ekta scale"
"Ekta lal(red) pen"
"Ekta phink ranger pencil box"
"Ekta sadha(white) phull shart(shirt)"
"Ekta kaloo phull pant"
"ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......still thinking"
"Aar arekta...tomar jaa iche(what ever u wish)"
"Darao Darao( wait wait!!)....aamake ekta vrroom vrroom chai(hot wheels car...shit i still crave for them;)
And my mom and kaka used to laugh their hearts out...damn I still miss those days...
Will write another post about my brother and his eating habits when we were kids.
Here is my last  Childhood  post incase u missed:D

Posted at Friday, June 25, 2004 by CC

April 2, 2004   12:52 AM PST
April 1, 2004   10:40 PM PST
lol these were your demands? ki bhalo chele re!!
January 19, 2004   01:05 PM PST
hey zilch i dint demand merc or BMW...just some pencils and rubbers...gawddd....u never change...and just in case if im not wrong..u r having a kid i guess...thats why:->
January 19, 2004   11:43 AM PST
OMG itna kuch ekta.....
reminded of my childhood days but i was a very good girl,not so demanding.:)
January 18, 2004   07:35 PM PST
too a days i have to search for pencils and scales in time of need:O
Careless me...hehehe
January 18, 2004   10:45 AM PST
yup aar= and...well done, u may be missing on aamchi marathi drifter but doing well in aamader bong;)
January 17, 2004   08:55 PM PST
hey, 1 question: aar=and , rite?
god, dat was funny, everybody is cho shweet when they r young!!!!!!
January 17, 2004   07:07 PM PST
go ahead shadow....give us a post about ur childhood things...everybody loves to else's childhood incidents:D
January 17, 2004   07:06 PM PST
hey i dint try to stump u...afterall i am a bad wicket keeper....hehehe
January 17, 2004   07:04 PM PST
hey name whats ur blog?? i forgot u link?
January 17, 2004   07:04 PM PST
hey amar im no where close to listening to Jagjit singh...except for a few songs:P..miss those days for sure
January 17, 2004   07:02 PM PST
oye bidu apun ne to mamu log ko miss kar diya re......:(
January 17, 2004   06:04 PM PST
hey thanks 4 droppin by!! godie ur page is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)) good work!!
January 17, 2004   01:57 PM PST
i'm wondering wat i used to demand in my childhood....uhmm...Barbies yes! and chocolates (which i still die for) and well...:D heyy...i feel like a childhood post myself! then let the rest be told there!
January 17, 2004   01:40 PM PST
hehehehe....ya memories remain...baatein bhool jati hain....yaadein yaad aati hain

concerning that song of far away from shouting no where close to a girl...for that purpose or general purpose;)

And just in case i am waiting all you want to say about waiting

Going to ansal plaza...something happened there na??...bhai log kya wahan par chai peene ke vaaste gaya tha kya?
January 17, 2004   01:35 PM PST
thnx married or what??...lazydad...bit uncommon :D

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