Monday, May 24, 2004

Me is alive.
Me is good.
Me hope that you are also doing good.
Me was busy during the past whole week.
Me couldn't post.
Me couldn't read other blogs.
Me will be going to Delhi on 26th of May.
Me will be back on 2nd June.
Me will post after 2nd June about the Delhi Trip.
Me hoping to have a good time in Delhi.
Me wishes everyone a fantabulous week ahead.
Me say tata n bye bye
Me saw Yuva yesterday.
Me thinks Yuva is a fantastic film.
Me think that you should go to
Samosa's blog to read the review.
Me "think" that the review was good(since I dint read it) *Me shows tongue*
Me think Continental Food is very good, if you remove the boiled vegetables from your platter.
Tata n Bye bye!

Posted at Monday, May 24, 2004 by CC

June 2, 2004   05:32 PM PDT
Samosa be showing a beeg drangon tongue to u.... and spitting fire for copying her writing style :P
June 2, 2004   02:09 AM PDT
ME hope you having nice time and me also hope you write long blog about delhi trip once you back come :D :D
June 1, 2004   08:36 PM PDT
hi dear....howz u...wat abt ur college admissions? all the best sweetu :)
May 31, 2004   02:19 PM PDT
aankh maarta hai!!!!!!!!! hoooo!:P
May 31, 2004   02:01 PM PDT
Hey abhishek was tooooo good.. at times, and fantastic movie.. just a flash of life.. no beginning , no end.. and that first song of the movies is amazing.. too good in its quality.. and yeah, have good time in delhi and do well in DCE ( i guess you might be going for it.. or whichever exam or whatever be the cause) take lots of care and keep smiling :) hugss :)
jay menon
May 30, 2004   12:14 AM PDT
now me missing u here, hows delhi
May 28, 2004   06:52 PM PDT
enjoy ur del trip- see a real city after all :D
May 28, 2004   04:08 PM PDT
me also liked Yuva. Abso fantastic :)
May 26, 2004   04:42 PM PDT
all the best 4 delhi trip.......THE BEST CITY IN INDIA........close to ;)
May 26, 2004   08:18 AM PDT
Me enjoyed reading this blog
Me wish u good luck
Me hope u'll nejoy ur trip to delhi
Me wondering how come u thought of Delhi rather than Dadar ? :)
May 25, 2004   11:20 PM PDT
lets hope u hav a wunnerful trip n return soon without bein cooked, fried, roasted, boiled, ...umm..okay u get it :P
May 25, 2004   10:38 PM PDT
hey, i'm going to samosa's blog to read the review.
May 25, 2004   08:48 PM PDT
Heya CC !! EnJoI the hols buddy .. [ though its gonna be quite hot in Delhi around this time ... ] ..
May 24, 2004   11:27 PM PDT
May 24, 2004   10:24 PM PDT
enjoy the trip!!
May 24, 2004   10:23 PM PDT
how wuz ur AIEEE exam?
Caffeine Addict
May 24, 2004   09:43 PM PDT
me think you're a wierdo...:P
jay menon
May 24, 2004   04:09 PM PDT
me wish u all the bestt
me wish u good time around in delhi
me says dont flirt
me says u can flirt at times
me says bye
May 24, 2004   02:13 PM PDT
have fun in delhi... correction you're leaving on the 26th of may not june :P be sure to take your short shorts in d-town.. :P
May 24, 2004   01:05 PM PDT
me love u 2
me miss u 2
me want to kick u
me want to fight with u
me want to pull ur cheeks
May 24, 2004   01:04 PM PDT
Hope for the best Drifter;)
May 24, 2004   12:34 PM PDT
me love u
me will miss u
me want to kick u
me want to fight with u
me adores u
me wishes u best of luck 4 everything
May 24, 2004   12:32 PM PDT
have a nice time in delhi!hope u don't get baked!:P
May 24, 2004   11:43 AM PDT
Thank Avaiz:)
May 24, 2004   11:43 AM PDT
Well smita, yes I do agree that the film was in parts..divided in2 3 parts. But the way totally 3 diff people meet at the bridge is a strong point. But yes it was good:)
May 24, 2004   11:42 AM PDT
May 24, 2004   11:34 AM PDT
best of luck buddy :)

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