Friday, May 14, 2004
De-tour and some facts

Hey writing after quite some time. Was little bit busy, researching "prospective" colleges in Delhi or Mumbai for pursuing my course in HM.

Oh yeah, so I was saying this is a "de-tour" post to my BEST friend's blog. She wrote some general things about me, which to a certain extent I can deny... but alas let me bask in the sunshine of popularity.... which may not last after you may read what she wrote about me because she wrote something related to me, which some of you may find disgusting, intolerable, pissing off... in short all the bad things which can happen to one. In this process my so called "Cyber- Image" ( I came across this word on Tan's blog ) can be tarnished or even destroyed to tits n bits. But for a friend like, I can destroy zillions of these images which are temporary and are found in this online world only. You can read it here. Even saying million times thank you's will be nothing equivalent to what she wrote about me. If words could say more... I could have said and said non-stop...but afterall English language has its limits.. my appreciation and thanks has no limits for you.

Truly speaking, I have been wearing a "mask" since I started blogging. I am not the real me... perhaps because I never liked the way I am. But then I realised that I am special.. if not exaggerating, I am unique in my own way. I am not saying that " I am the best guy or friend you can find in this world" but not the bad afterall. A friend pointed me out that the majority of my links are female blogger's. Please dont tax your mind by thinking that I am pervert or something. To justify my point, I would like to say that it was rather a "learning" process for me. My only aim was to "understand" the female point of view towards guys. What qualities do they look for in guys? What makes them the most happy in this world? These are the few question's whose answers I have been looking for. I wont say that I have learnt a lot, but what I have learnt is certainly valuable. I may not be the best of flirts around, or typical show off guys.. but I have certainly learnt what the "flirts" dint. Yes, I have witnessed several flirts in this blogworld. If you classify me as one of them, it would certainly be injustice done to me, but I have nothing against you as every one is entitled to his/her own point of view.

For the uninformed I stood 34th in the Hotel Management entrance examination( ok not equivalent to IIT or AIEEE), but the catch is that I dint prepare for the exam at all. I have looked through the prospects of HM. Some may even think that Hotel Management is a farce, but wont say it in the comment box... they will say "congrats and its quite good" but their mind will be thinking of what I formerly said. And I have several of my other competitive exams left as well. People may think that since I am from a science background, Engg is the best and MUST option for me. But I think different. It was a very wrong decision which I took two years back. I never had the inclination towards Physics or Chemistry as a science student should have. But I always and still like Mathematics.

After going through what my friend, wrote some of you develop negative things about me. I am not going to ask you "Why?". Everyone has his/her own right to think and make opinions.

I dont have much time now , since my 12th results are going to be out anytime in the coming weeks and even I have to take some important decisions right now. Time is short. I am leaving this blog for sometime now. But I will be back with a new post when I am all settled down in Mumbai or Delhi.

Wish me luck for my new life, new college, new friends...hope its the very best I could get.

Ah, one more thing. I am not writing the concluding part of MHN. As a matter of fact, I never saw the movie also. I just chatted up with Rash one night and got the details from her. So all the applauses should be for her, as I only gave my words to her thoughts ( I mean to her chat conversations). Thanks Rashmi( rash is stupid name:p) and I wish the very best for your future ahead.

I may write a post before leaving for my destination.

Till next not Tan said... Ciya:)

Posted at Friday, May 14, 2004 by CC

Nemesis, Twi(t)ster
May 21, 2004   10:17 PM PDT
Hee hee.. I'm assuming you got my very long rant. All the best, and kick ass :)
May 17, 2004   11:56 AM PDT
heya CC !! All the very best for ur HM buddy !! EnJoI it to the hilt, n have fun !! :) really have enjoyed reading ur blogs, n will surely remain a regular :) .. EnJoI !
May 16, 2004   01:27 PM PDT
All the best buddy...keep bloggin ...wud luv to read ur posts!!
May 16, 2004   01:26 PM PDT
Same comment as Somersault..!!
May 15, 2004   11:44 PM PDT
All the best in all your endeavors :)
May 15, 2004   11:42 PM PDT i mentioned before...HM people have to be nice to even the most irritating of people. U will have to be nice to me too wen i come to ur hotel. will u manage that?? :P and heyy...who says science students have to take up engg? even i joined law after studying science in my school. gana yaad aya...kuch to log kahenge...logon ka kaam hai kehnaaaaaa.... :) take care BCC! hope all goes well for u!
May 15, 2004   11:12 PM PDT
hey ya CC!!U!!! WAIT TILL I GET U -C WHAT I DO!!N WHAT R U TALKIN ABT-CYBER IMAGE??OR AM I BEIN DUMB-WELL WHATEVER-UR ANYTHIN BUT A FLIRT-OMG!!i dinno i was typin in caps!damn anyways ur damn good u know-n well u gonna go away???NO(SCREAMS)plz don mind my caps! n hey hope evrythin goes well with ur life,ur 12th marks n all-decide what u think is the best-bestovluck with ur life,ur college,ur new frds,(ur new gf too ;)) n well SO u dint c the movie!CC!!!IM COMMIN----to get ya
Caffeine Addict
May 15, 2004   05:31 PM PDT
dude HM is a very taxin job! I was seriously planning to go about it..then english happened :) hey lil pal...guess no ones really too keen on showin their real self in blogland. stiff upperz boyo...
ok this makes no sense...but wat the heck, wont delete it :)
May 15, 2004   12:58 PM PDT
college is gonna bring out the best in you CC- all the revoir :)
May 15, 2004   12:52 PM PDT
hmmmmm, ur post sounds like a sop-opera yaar!all the best for HM!
May 15, 2004   11:51 AM PDT
hay u never said u got the 34th rank WITHOUT learning :D...see u have got talent for the engineering thing....even i didnt want to do it!...but time went so fast that its over.....just follow u r heart man...ask u r parents...they are your best guides in this...keep all options open...if HM it is, then be it!...jus check out the job offerings on HM n u will have an idea where u'll end up aft the one told me all this, but i am telling u!.
May 15, 2004   12:42 AM PDT
shucks why r the both of us getting so senti today CC? damn...u made me cry again u naughty boy....why do u have to go? why cant u study sicko pol. sc. at ju? :P just kidding...will always love ya and u'll always be my best friend. and dont worry nothing in this world is more imp. than truth...all other things suck...even images :P hugsssssssss
May 15, 2004   12:23 AM PDT
Ohha..please come to Delhi re...Sometimes it sucks out here...Don't worry abt all...u R u...a fun, a good listener..and the only one with whom i can have "chemical" is disgusting...btw..ur worried what others are thnking abt ur course...forget them yaar...apun ne bhi engg ppake chorr diya...we wud have fun in the Hotel jiska tu manager hoga...hehe..Not ganda fun, btw..CHILL don't be so senti...hostel wud be amazing me on that...and ur not goin to some army mission...!! Take lot of care...u great guy..and HUGS- this time I mean it...not fun okie...!!
May 14, 2004   11:48 PM PDT
Will do that Mehak and thanks for the wishes:)

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