Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Main Hoon Na!!

Main Hoon Na!!!!!!

*Tu hi reh, Mujhe nahi rehna..... hall mein*

Yes my dear friends, you are correct, this is yet another philm review. After reading several reviews on Main Hoon Na, it was indeed very tempting for me to write something for the Film of the year which has “re-created” the magic of 70’s(atleast the paper and Pharah Khan).

Directed by nach sikhane wali...err. I mean choreographer Farah Khan and starring none other than, The Big Nosu, Shah Rukh Khan, Zayed-tom girl- Khan, Amrita-punkini-Rao, Sushmita sizzling Sen and ofcourse few other good for nothing, money crunching timepass actors and actresses.

I think that most of the people who are reading this post at this moment have seen the film or perhaps read the story somewhere, or worse, some flying bird came and whispered the whole story in their ‘respective’ ears. But I have to write in brief about the story or the post will seem to be void of ‘something’. Don’t worry, I am not going to write about each and every incident, scene as I had dozed off in the hall: courtesy Main hoon Na!!

As the torcher, oops I meant the film, begins there is an interview going on in some stupid News channel (at least it looked liked one). Kabir Bedi is answering some question answer thingy. As usual I missed quite a part of the interview because two girls, Rohini and Sangeeta, in the next row where chatting about their respective boy friends. As usual my attention was towards them. Now you people tell, was it my fault??:P

So when my eyes rolled back (after much effort and hard work) on the wide screen, some strange people are shown by the camera. They were the supposed terrorists. I can’t stop pitying the security at these 1 star news channels. Even the army forces were so dumb that they allowed people carrying guns to enter the interview room. Now obviously the terrorists weren’t there to hear the useless chattering by Kabir Bedi. They were supposed to kill him or at least try to harm him, which they miserably fail. Duh, the stupid Indian film terrorists always manage to fail the mission. They were supposed to kill Kabir Bedi, but they end up shooting Naseerudin Shah near his heart(I think it was his chest). Now the gang leader, Sunil Shetty is wearing a monkey cap. *Gosh was it too cold when they were shooting?? I wonder!!!* So Mr. Big Nose chases the cap wearing goon, but alas his putra ka dharm tells him that he must return to his ailing daddy dearest though Mr Big Nose was shot in his arm while chasing. So he ends the chase there (as if he was even trying to catch him) and gets back to his daddy. So the usual ambulance thingy is there, dad is on a stretcher, murmuring something (at least he was, I dint listen to Shah, courtesy Rohini). So he said something like that:-

“Son, I have hidden a truth from you for these past few years. You are not my only son. I have my whole family, but I am not in contact with them anymore. It’s my aakhri ichcha (last wish) that you go and find your family and live happily ever after with them” So after this, Nasseruddin Shah dies a peaceful death. Mr Big Nose has a big mission now. He has to search for his family in Darjeeling. But wait, Mr Kabir Bedi has something worse in store for him. Sunil Shetty, the terrorist has made a plan to fail Mission Milaap. So Mr Kabir Bedi (Kabbu) tells Mr Big Nose (Nosu), that he has to protect his punkini daughter Sanjana from Raghavan (Sunil Shetty). I will refer Raghavan as Rags from now on. But Mr Big Nose says that he can’t go on that mission since he has to search for his long lost, long time no see, long time no news family. So Kabbu tells Nosu, that his family is in Darjeeling and his daughter as well. So it will be something like two patthar (stone) one bird...oh Sorry I meant, two birds one patthar (stone).

*Then suddenly there is thunderstorm in the sky. Suddenly the fine day, is over clouded with black clouds, the sunlight is peeping through the clouds (you get the picture rite?) and then a godly voice says*(I am not sure, who said, Rohini or Sangeeta:P) “Nosu you dint complete your 12th studies. So this will be a good opportunity to complete it and search for your long lost, long time no see, long time no news family.” Nosu jumps at this offer since it’s an added opportunity, three birds and one stone. The only logical thing in this part is that how can anyone join the army without completing his 12th, or how could anyone get admission into an undergraduate course. Is this what we have to learn from Indian Cinemas?

So the camera then zooms into St Paul’s school in Darjeeling. Good to see Darjeeling in the movie since I never saw the place:P. Here failures are studs here and good friends as well. So Zayed (whose screen name is Lakshman aka Lucky. I will call him as Lux) is the international stud in this college after failing thrice (The norm is that after failing twice, a student is kicked out. But Lux is a clear exception in this case. Perhaps for his ‘tom girlish’ looks) so, we have this punkini of this school Amrita Rao. So cutting the long story very short, we have some good performances by Bhondu aka Bonie Irani, Bhindi (although she doesn’t look like one) Bindu, Spitting bhai Satish Shah.

(To be continued)
Please leave comments that whether I should write the concluding part, as it all depends on you. If you write yes, then I am going to ask a question in my next post for the readers (as if it matters..duh).

Posted at Tuesday, May 11, 2004 by CC

May 13, 2004   08:59 PM PDT
dont write the concludin part...isse jyaada chaat ne ki zaroorat nahi hai..
Caffeine Addict
May 13, 2004   12:49 PM PDT
still cant read ur font
May 13, 2004   12:06 PM PDT
yo CC, sup.. i just had nuff time to hav a quick read.... n MHN suckedddd....
May 13, 2004   08:46 AM PDT
CC: aise nahin bolte beta, kissiko Big nose, fat belly, lambe bal...waise Aslam Bhai aka Johhny Lever chorrke, koi perfect nahin hai..!!
May 12, 2004   09:21 PM PDT
continue continue re..damn..i shud hav gone to college in darjeeling - lol!!!
May 12, 2004   01:44 PM PDT
this is not fair ok.i havent seen the movie yet. so i really want the concluding part. so u better post it soon.will ya?:D
May 12, 2004   08:43 AM PDT
Shahrukh Khan strongest!! I hated SUNIL SHETTY as teacher. Ishh, He scolds everybody. My skool is like that. Only we have PINK walls
May 12, 2004   12:41 AM PDT
Zayad Khan wud do well, as a stuffed buffoon in Indian Museam
May 11, 2004   11:29 PM PDT
hey...btw...i loveeeeeeeeeee zayed khan........i think hez tooooooooo cute....i'm sure he will do well in the future :P
May 11, 2004   11:07 PM PDT
humour??? question???? what is all this CC???!?!!!!?!?!??!?!? :p :) lol !!
May 11, 2004   10:31 PM PDT
Oye CC..All of a sudden rem that movie Babe, seeing Meera's comment..Don't allow Meera to call u babe in a public place...hehe...S M I L E!!
May 11, 2004   10:29 PM PDT
hey CC..yes continue with the story,u really have humor in all ur blogs!well me..never seen the movie/read abt it....n what ques u gonna ask..im tellin u now..i dont think i'll be able to answer..waiting for ur next post
May 11, 2004   09:42 PM PDT
so is the movie worth watching or not?
May 11, 2004   08:30 PM PDT
HELL YEAH! i want more reasons to skip this movie ^_^
May 11, 2004   08:15 PM PDT
@ Meera, hehe Good one *babe*..i missed that..I am such mooch a duffer..with landlord goin for holidaying all the more upar ka kamra khali hai...!!
May 11, 2004   07:49 PM PDT
lollllllllllllllllllllllllll.............u do have a way with words...esp. funny posts...btw orkut par mujhe itna chadaya kyun :P i love u babe :))
May 11, 2004   06:52 PM PDT
*ur so CUTE*...*Hugs*...* are u preparing hard for ur exams*...* u remind of my landlord's brother's second Son, who is just like the younger bro of the colony*...* Please don't forget to visit, Career Launcher, four years before u dcide to bell the CAT*...*S M I L E*

( can't be very dignified with at least wth u, CC..so trying to write all kinda comments possible...take ur pick..hehe..don't get angry)
May 11, 2004   06:23 PM PDT
At least u wrote something. Anyway u wud be featuring in my next post. My comments out here- {* CC it is hilarious, Lol, u made my day, please write again, Oh my bro ( U sound so similar using Punkini- rem Hunkini!!), u Cutie Pie, HUGS., Good to see u back. Please continue writing such amazing posts..ur so CUTE* }The feelings are not necessarily in that order...hehe..I got such a nightmare, u wud stop writing, Oh I cried so much...that Yamuna is again flooded..CC I missed u for one long day....
Kicknote...err footnote.....Nose btw is sensitive part of body, nobody shud be made fun of like that- big nose, chinky eyes, fat belly...doosro ke shakal ka mazak urata hai..apne ghar ka mirror sab toot gaye kya..??

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