Thursday, July 15, 2004

Eww read the heading.

PS- Pauses or gaps in music notes which makes the music.

A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized

If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried



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Saturday, July 10, 2004
Another Post is it??

Writing after a long gap. I was busy the whole week and my reasons are given below and mind you, this is not imaginary or made up. These are true excuses for my abscene from the Blogging world.

1. Sleeping more than 8 hrs on an AVERAGE(notice the average in caps).
2. Wondering why am I sleeping so much lately?
3. The next moment after #2, mom shouts at the top of her voice so that I can get moving the house I meant, not in the bed.
4. Fiddling with my new cell. I got GPRS and WAP activated on it.
5. Finding free sites offering themes, wallpapers, ringtones for my cell on the internet. I have succeded finding only two free sites:|
6. Watching the sick old Star plus whole day long, cuz of some apparent reason all the other channels have a very poor signal.
7. Dreaming about the Card which dad promised me before my birthday( and wondering its limit as well..hehe!!)
8. Watching films on DVD's whole day long with my ear literally pasted to the speakers. Courtesy: Low sound on DVD's but near to perfect picture quality.

Last but not the least, attending the PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT CLASSES at INDO AMERICAN SOCIETY for no obvious reason(or is there any??) Over the past few weeks I have attending these PD classes quite religiously. The first five classes were taken my some Ms. Banerji who told us about

"Personality as a concept". yes yes, its a concept after all, isnt it?

Then came about Mr Shekhar Shukla. He was extremely good in his teaching ways and he taught us about PUBLIC SPEAKING and also little bit about life. I spoke on two occasions in front of 16 people. First time was a complete mess-up as I forgot the main points and deviated across from the main topic. The second speech was a better one than the former, topic being

"Wireless Communication:Infrared and Bluetooth".
As per Mr Shukla, I was pretty ok with my speech but needed to smile a lot and practise a bit more as I have a "hitch" against public speaking( I think I stammer:|)

Today we again zapped off to Nicco Super Bowl as the offer was on.

Rs 150= Unlimited Bowling, Unlimited pool, Unlimited Air Hockey and after 4 games of bowling with 7 games of pool  and not to mention about 12 air hockey games, I am completely tired. My arm is paining, so is my back.

Took some pictures of the outing. The picture quality is not very good, and it wont be worth of watching it if you dont have time to kill, shoot, bang, waste.

You can see it here and my pic is not!!

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Sunday, July 04, 2004
Happy Birthday to me:D!!!

Sunday the 4th of July was an epic day(little bit of exaggeration chalega:p) in my life as well as for the American's(as if it matters to the Indians!!?). It even made a huge difference to many small kids whole across India as it was Polio drop day. I was so happy to see the date, 4th July mentioned in huge yellow banners all over the city:D

Now the gifts I got:

1. An Mp3 player.
2. Ferrari Red Racing perfume.

As a matter of fact, I got the mp3 player before the clock even struck 12. But I was totally shocked to see the Ferrari Perfume in the morning. I expected that they will give me either of the one:D

Around 8.00 am called up couple of friends and made plans to go bowling. So around 11.45 am we reached the decided Destination: Nicco Super Bowl. Unfortunately we went bowling thinking that there is an unlimited offer going on. But on entering the premises they told us that the offer is not available on sundays and holidays. We got bit dejected. Now since we already came so far and had no plans to go some other place, so we decided to go for a special offer according to which we would get 2 games of bowling at Rs 120( and generally a game of bowling costs about 100 bucks on a normal day)

I averaged about 115 in both the games. We have plans to drop in for bowling this coming saturday as they have the unlimited offer and I wanna practice bowling as well:D

Then we moved out of Nicco Bowl at around 2.00pm and headed towards a restaurant in Salt Lake(Nicco bowl is in salt lake). We hogged on some pizzas and burger over there and after much hungama we decided to check out the CITY CENTRE(shopping Complex). The total built-in area is huge(including the parking area and the gardens surrounding it) but only couple of shops have opened up there namely Shoppers Stop, Nike, Stori and few others. I felt good to see that so many people were visiting Salt Lake from far off places.

Earlier Salt Lake used to become a deserted city after 8pm, but now the scenario has improved over the past couple of years. Most of the poeple find travelling in Salt Lake confusing, but I never found it confusing, maybe due to the reason that I lived there for 2 years:p

Around 5.00pm we left the Shopping Complex and headed for home. Came back home and took some rest. We were supposed to go out for dinner some place but due to unforseen circumstances the outing was cancelled and was sitting on the laptop downloading Yahoo Messenger 6.

People are so sick nowadays that you have to remind them that its your birthday. Gosh!! Almost all of my school friends forgot my birthday, but my virtual and online friends were far better off as they wished me religiously:D. Thanks to all your wishes.

DVD's are pretty cool. I got this DVD on rent from a CD parlour which has
1. The Patriot-Mel Gibson.
2. The Last of the Mohicans.
3. Gladiator.
4. Braveheart.

They took 25 bucks for the DVD. The total disc space is around 7.68 GB and all the films are in a single CD.

And thanks again for your wishes:)

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Friday, July 02, 2004
Why why why?

All my virtual money was flushed down the internet drain last night when Greece scored in the dying moments of the extra time. No, wait.. greece scored after the extra 15 mins were over but the refree didnt blow the whistle since some dumbass greece player was taking the corner.

Oh why did Greece Win? The same happened to my hopes when South Africa lost in the Semi-Finals of 1999 world cup even when Lance Klusener was in a striking form.

Now I hope Portugal wins, but even Greece kicked out the two strongest teams in Euro 2004. Its better to bet my money on the street dogs:p

May the best team win!!

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Alriite people read on...

Can anyone suggest some good perfume? I mean really good. Not strong enough, but must be soothing.
This is a real serious post (atleast for me) so funny and humorous comments arent invited.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004
And I thought...

... that Troy was a Brad Pitt's name in the movie Troy..DUH!!!

I really do get irritated if people say or do:

"It's so hot outside" After spending couple of hours in a AC shopping mall and in a Cinema Hall.

"What is the price of this thing?" even when the price is written neatly in front of it.

"Where did you disappear for so many months?" after meeting a once-upon-a-time-pal even when he is living a stone's throw away from my house.

When someone is eating some cheesy stuff sitting in the very next seat and the it smells so good, and above all that person is a Girl!!!

And for the above all reasons, I am really IRRITATED..

And yeah, philosophy and serious stuff suck, not to mention about arbit and non-sense posts suck too.

Yippie, not to forget that finally Calcutta has opened Three multiplexes, 4 screen though. The new mulitpex, Cinema 89, is around 52000 sq ft in total space. Thats WOW!!

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Friday, June 25, 2004

Subah ho gayi mamu(infact its afternoon now).Thanks Tan,Amar,Shadow,Drifter,Aparna,Megha for your mamu comments.Well it's quite sometime that I had shared my views with other people in MUNNABHAI way;)....thanks people.Hey Amar howz CBM going?

Today as I was burning a CD for my friend of OST(matrix,MI:2,Moulin Rouge..............illegal ofcourse) memories came back floating back to my mind when I was again a kid;)..yesterday my mom was talking about childhood incidents...damn miss those days like anything.I have written a post about Childhood Incidents before and this is just another one of those.

Now as a kid what would you like to get??...A car,fancy clothes,choclates,ice creams and all those goody goody stuff.But my mom said that I never wished for costly remote control cars or fancy clothes...and kept away from ice creams.So my mom tells me...something like was a day or two before my uncle( whom we fondly call Kaka)..asked me what do I want from him on my bday?
I am writing this in bengali....because it looks more authentic and has its own charm.If you have any problem ask me in my comment box.
"Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm(I am thinking)...."
"Ekta pencil..."
"Ekta rubber"
"Ekta scale"
"Ekta lal(red) pen"
"Ekta phink ranger pencil box"
"Ekta sadha(white) phull shart(shirt)"
"Ekta kaloo phull pant"
"ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......still thinking"
"Aar arekta...tomar jaa iche(what ever u wish)"
"Darao Darao( wait wait!!)....aamake ekta vrroom vrroom chai(hot wheels car...shit i still crave for them;)
And my mom and kaka used to laugh their hearts out...damn I still miss those days...
Will write another post about my brother and his eating habits when we were kids.
Here is my last  Childhood  post incase u missed:D

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Monday, June 21, 2004

When we do something creditable, we look for compliments and applauses from our colleagues and superiors. I have hardly met any person who doesn't look for applauses and recognition. True even I do look for compliments about my work( if I do any work:p).

A lady told me that Indians dont take credit if they deserve it and fume about it later on. She even told me that if we take credits for our work, it will be a boost to our self-esteem which will help our personality develop.

Now I am sure that you will all agree to the fact that no one is perfect in this world. Everyone has some defect in themselves. So why is it that we look for compliments and words of appreciation from people who arent perfect?

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

We make our own choices. Good or bad, we have to accept the fact that we made the choice in the very first place and for that very reason we have to face the consequences of the choice we made. Once we learn to accept and face the consequences we will lead a truly amazing life.

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Sunday, June 06, 2004
The Delhi trip-II and Meeting with Megsie, Megs, Megha(they are same:p)

29th May
10:00 hrs

I get up cursing the hotel people for turning off the AC during the night while patting on my back since I managed to sleep without AC and Fan. Other friends came over into our room and started to chat uselessly. Needless to say I had to get up *Damn those idiots*. We had heard that the PVR's of Delhi are good and so is the crowd;) *ahem ahem* So after a lot of heated arguement over which film we should go, we settled for Hum Tum at PVR Saket. It was around 13:30 hrs and the show was from 14:00hrs I think. So obviously we couldnt make it there in time and above all PVR Saket was so damn far from Paharganj. The next show timing was 16:55hrs. We bought the tickets at 150 bucks. We really did wonder that why was it so costly? We had no other choice as we already bought the ticket. Since we had little bit of food in the breakfast we were feeling hungry. So went on a hunt for some proper place to eat and as usual everything sucked and was costly. No one was willing to cough out more as they already had coughed out 150. So we decided to eat at some restaurant in the open. The food was GOOD and those idiots(friends) snatched a party from me since I had made it to the Hotel Management ka entrance with a good rank...DAMN U IDIOTS!!!!. By God's grace we were only 5 and it wasn't costly for me. So we roamed about there a little bit more, giggling at couples sitting there, hands-in-hands,eyes-in-eyes.

Now I tell you guys(only guys:p) the crowd in delhi is really DAMN GOOD. They can dare to bare like anything. Few things which I noticed about delhi girls is that they are much better looking that the kolkata girls(though exceptions are there;)) and much bolder than girls in calcutta and are pretty westernized as well. Even mom's and aunt's wear jeans and!!!

Now PVR Saket's lobby was pretty ok.. much like the INOX here in Calcutta. But once I entered the hall I realised that Calcutta really has a far far way to go. The seat's were good and much comfortable. There is much more leg space for people like me as I SUFFER if I sit in Inox or some stupid bus in cal. The picture was ok, could have been done better. After interval the story gets real slow and boring (atleast for me:p). This film is better is much better than MHN (ya ya I finally saw it:p). We quickly came out of the movie hall and took a auto back to Paharganj as a friend was getting late.

The day came to an end after we had dinner at the same old Darbar restaurant:D
Oh forgot to mention that had a convo with Megs on the phone for 2 or 3 mins of fame:p. She has nice voice but sounds more than her age.

30th May

D-Day. I had my exams today. Now the scene was like 50,000 plus estimated students had arrived in delhi for the exam. But the twist in the tale was that there were only 60 seats in total. My exam was good, but the competition is really good for me and tough for me as well:D. Now dad had arranged a car for us( Me and another friend). Our center was in ALIPUR which was beyond Pitampura and Rohini. Basically, Alipur was on the highway. I just cant think, what made the college people open an institute on a Highway?!?!. At around 07:30 hrs we went down to check if the car had arrived. Allrite the car did arrive. We were the only two guys who were going in a car, while others had to travel by auto*evil grin* and that too in Honda City, not bad eh? It took around 45 mins to reach our center in Alipur. The building looked awesome from outside. But the moment I entered the College, I felt sick after seeing the interiors. It couldn't be any worse.

Gave the exams and returned to hotel. Had my lunch and packed my bags as a friend was coming to pick us up from the hotel and we were shifting to his house in Pitampura. Now pitampura is in north delhi and it took us around 70 mins to reach Pitampura. The very first day I stayed there, it was troublesome and uncomfortable for me. I never liked staying in people's houses. I had a feeling that I was a burden on them and I failed poorly to hide my dissatisfaction to my friend. He understood the moment I was taking a round of the area. My face was straight and was dragging myself(duh, how miserable can I get?) The member's were good and co-operative but I guess I couldnt be comfortable with them.

While taking a round of that area, called up megs as I had told her, but I was busy the whole day so couldnt and she was out as well, so dint talk as much but did sms her later. Had a chat with Tan as well in the afternoon.
I retired early that night.

31st May
08:00 hrs
Took a bath, had our breakfast and got ready as we had full day plans to wander about in delhi as this was our last full day in Delhi. We left at around 11:30hrs and it was damn hot that day. Now we were supposed to go to Pallikabazar, CP and then to gurgaon to see the shopping malls there and 32 miles(or milestone). We 6 of us ( Me , a friend , another friend and his 3 brothers) reached Pallika bazar and started to roam about. Few mins later I Megs called up on my cell and we decided to meet. She told to meet me at Barista or CCD. Now I was wondering CCD would be far away as I though CCD would mean So I took one of my friends to Barista cafe..rather he showed me where it was.

So were just standing outside waiting for her to arrive. She sms-d me telling that she will be there in another few mins and I was standing right outside. Few girls entered and  exited. I was really confused. I had a thin memory of Megs face and I had a hard time recalling it. Now a girl in black top did enter but with a guy. Suddenly then Megs called up and inquired about my whereabouts. She told me that she was inside Barista( how did I miss her????????) She was also in a black top. Now I just wondered if she was the same one who entered with a guy. Why did she come with a guy? I came with a friend since I was new to delhi...and other blah blah questions came into my mind. I told her that I am standing outside Barista. Then she came out and this time I did recognise her..thankfully,phew!!! But for the first two minutes, I was bit hesitant in approaching her as this was the 3rd time meeting a girl( First time I met a girl, it was a terrible experience, Second one was far better than the first one). My friend pushed me towards her and I started to walk towards her. I was really really nervous about her reaction. What if she said " OH you are CC..get lost I dont wanna meet u!!" and those types of things:p. I went and stood behind her. After 2-3 seconds she turned back and looked at me. Now what I think was that she was either Shocked to see me or Happy to see me. I think she was shocked( but she dint admit it later also that she was shocked:(( ) So we entered the cafe and sat for about 15 mins. We dint talk much about our personal life's or anything, but she did tell me about her bad experience with a UK guy and I think she learnt from the previous exp and tackled(?) me well:p

She showed me her tattoo, which was as usual stupid:p.

Now about 15 mins of meeting and 7 mins of phone talk, it's not enough for me to know a person in and out. But what I could understand that she was a sensible girl(though she may appear to be out of her brains on her blog:p). After 15 mins she had the U -are-a-bore look on her I think of leaving her alone and getting away as she had to meet another friend as well.

Now I forgot her face and dint ask for her photo as of yet, but I can recall that she a DDG smile. I think that Perizaad's smile is Megs ditto and "Meg Charm" was good as well:)

After leaving Barista we( me and my friends not Megs:p) quickly went back to Pallikabazar. Ate little bit and went to Gurgaon. We saw two shopping Malls there
1. City and(?) Centre or DT' s Cinema
2. The Metropolitan.

Now Forum in cal was worse than the Metropolitan in Gurgaon. 1st one was equal to Forum:D
Then we went to 32 milestone or whatever the place is called and did some bowling. THE PLACE WAS AWFUL and sada bowling in cal in 10000 times better than 32 miles:D

So we left gurgaon at around 7.30 pm and reached pitam pura at about 8.30pm. Quickly had my dinner and retired early to bed:)

NOTE:- I am going to delhi tomorrow( yes again) and will be back on wednesday night. I will write the concluding part after I return:)

Megs  wrote something about me here

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